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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Grey's Promotions Presents: Twisted by Ariana Rose; #TeaserBlast, #ComingSoon, #TBR, #PreOrder

by Ariana Rose 
releasing August 20, 2020!
#NewRelease #Bookish #KBWorlds #DrivenWorld #ArianaRose #AgeGap #SecretRomance  #WorkplaceRomance #TeacherandStudent  #GreysPromo #ReadNow 

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Life is full of defining moments.
A dance in the middle of a crowded Hamptons nightclub.

Dylan Cooper coiled her way into my hands and into my life at a point I wasn't expecting it. She was a breath of fresh air who has spun her way into my mind and body. When I let her, she twisted around and through my soul as well.
I've had most things about my life planned out and in order. Over two years ago, everything leapt out of focus. I've spent every day since then ignoring or avoiding anything that resembled emotion. Once Dylan was in front of me, I wanted and felt things I'd never dreamed of, including her.

She was the game changer.

Now, I'm finally healing. She's taking the broken pieces of me and putting them back together in the best free-form fashion. She pushes my thoughts. She dances into my every dream and fantasy. We work hard and play even harder.

I don't know if she believes in forever. I'm not sure I do anymore either. But it's looking like, with each passing minute, we could twist and turn together into our future.

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