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Friday, March 30, 2012

theJeepDiva: Reviewers Wanted!

theJeepDiva: Reviewers Wanted!: I'm so excited! My blog is growing. With the growing comes an increasing amount of review requests.  I recently decided I should possibly ...

If you're a reviewer wannabe, Vanessa is looking for some help.

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Deadly Stillwater Roger Stelljes - Mystery
Night Of The Assassin Russell Blake - Suspense
The Harvest Scott Nicholson - Thriller
Grid Detective Kindle Game
The Gateway Glen G. Thater - Epic Fantasy
Where Love Once Lived Sidney W. Frost - Christian Romance
Sealed Correspondence Richard Rudomanski - Mystery/Suspense
Out Of The Limelight  James Bagworth - Historical Mystery
The Black God's War Moses Siregar III - Epic Fantasy
Whale Song Cheryl Kaye Tardiff - Literary Fiction
Daughter Of Time Sarah Woodbury - Time Travel Romance
Flowers  Scott Nicholson - Paranormal/Fantasy
Finding Drake  Jeffrey Scott - Young Adult/Christian Fiction
Millie's Rose  Donna Sturgeon - Romance
A Place Beyond The Map  Samuel Thews - Middle Grade Fantasy
Creative Spirit  Scott Nicholson - Thriller
Mallory Ridge  Deb Kemper - Christian Romance/Adventure
Where Darkness Dwells  Glen Krisch - Horror/Historical Fiction
Finding Emma  Steena Holmes - Women's Fiction
The End Of Marking Time  CJ West - Thriller
Mending Fences  Lucy Francis - Contemporary Romance
Lonely Is The Soldier  Jeffry S. Hepple - Military Fiction
Alone  Marissa Farrar - Urban Fantasy
Gnit-Wit Gnipper  TJ Lantz - Children's Book
Running Of The Bulls  Christopher Smith - Thriller
My Dead Boyfriend  Barbara Rose - Young Adult/Paranormal
The Forsaken  Estevan Vega - Psycological Thriller
Sacrifice Alexandrea Weis - Romantic Suspense
Susanna And The Spy  Anna Elliot - Cozy Mystery
Scott Nicholson Library - Vol. 3  Scott Nicholson - Horror, Paranormal, Mystery
The Vital Principle  Amy Corwin - Historical Mystery
How To Milk A DinaCow  Ian Sands - Children's Book
Gabriel's Angel  Cynthia Thomason - Historical Romance
Psion Beta  Jacob Gowans - Young Adult/Science Fiction
Her Man Flint  Jerri Drennen - Romantic Suspense
The Voice Of Waterfalls  Natasha A. Salnikova - Supernatural Thriller
Driving Me Nuts  PJ Jones - Adventure/Dark Comedy
The Man Who Crossed Worlds  Chris Strange - Urban Fantasy/Noir
My Bunny Ran Away  Vincent Cornell - Children's Books
The Emperor's Edge  Lindsay Buroker - Historical Fantasy
Box Set: The Arrington Trilogy  Roxane Tepfer Sanford - Historical Fiction/Family Saga
Red Ivy Afternoon  Mark Brand - Science Fiction/Literary Fiction
Kidnap  Murray McDonald - Suspense Thriller
River Song  Sharon Ihle - Historical Romance
While The Savage Sleeps  Andrew E. Kaufman - Horror/Thriller
Family Magic  Patti Larsen - Young Adult/Paranormal
Sterling Redmond  Kim Nathan - Historical Romance
The Land Grant  Brian Edwards - Contemporary Fiction/Satire
White Seed  Paul Clayton - Historical Fiction
Away From Whipplethorn  AW Hartoin - Middle Grade Fantasy
The Lives Of Jon McCracken  Aileen Fish - Paranormal Romance
Iron Branch  Kelby Ouchley - Historical Fiction
Scriber  Ben S. Dobson - Epic Fantasy
Human Sister  Jim Bainbridge - Science Fiction/Literary Fiction
The Rainforest  Victor W. Hwang & Greg Horowitt - Business/Economic

Urban Girl Reader: Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway: Flesh and Feathers...

Urban Girl Reader: Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway: Flesh and Feathers...: Today we welcome authors April Fifer and Danielle Hylton-Outland at Urban Girl Reader. I asked them to talk about the popularity of angels ...

This is an interesting tour.  Check it out over at Urban Girl Reader and enter for a chance to win.

Urban Girl Reader: Hot Cowboy Western Blog Tour and Giveaway

Urban Girl Reader: Hot Cowboy Western Blog Tour and Giveaway: Hi everyone! Today Urban Girl Reader is participating in Forever Western Blog Tour with R.C. Ryan and Katie Lane.  We were lucky enough to s...

Are you fans of R.C. Ryan and Katie Lane?  Maybe they are a new author for you.  Stop over, read the interview, and then enter for a chance to win not one but two books.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Justice for Emily by Sandy Wolters

Publisher:  CreateSpace
Release Date:  April 05, 2011
Pages:  224 pages (paperback)/291KB (e-book)
ISBN:  9781470017743 (paperback)
Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Ghosts, Mystery & Suspense
Rating:  4 ½ stars 

Brownwood, Texas
Patrick Sheehan is seen at a funeral for Emily Campbell.  She was loved by so many people in this small town.  She cared a lot about the town and the people that lived there.  Boyd Campbell is Emily’s husband.  Boyd is also Patrick’s boss and the Chief of Police.

Rachael Merchant knows Michael Rogers (read his story in “Maggie Mae”).  She’s a homicide cop with some very special abilities that help her in her job.  She ends up getting lost and lands in Brownwood.  The action seems to start right after Patrick and Rachael meet.  Patrick starts acting like a jealous boyfriend and Rachael thinks he’s crazy.

Sandy has given Patrick quite the ego.  She’s also made Rachael a strong-willed woman.  Patrick’s mother is a real “cracker jack” – she really loves her son.  The three of them have you turning the pages just to see what will happen between them next.  Sandy creates a morning after scene (not what you’re thinking) that has you chuckling and feeling sorry for Rachael at the same time. 

This story focuses more on the unexplained.  This gives a story to those feelings you sometimes have when you just can’t explain a happening that no one else sees or feels.  It will keep you riveted until the mystery of Emily is solved – you will be hooked.

Because of the police being involved in this mystery, Sandy’s descriptions seem to be spot on.  I felt like I was watching one of the crime shows on television.  The detail she used – would love to know what type of research she did to be so accurate. 

This is a story that I would love to see be made into a movie – definitely Lifetime material.  They would have to include Rachael’s bird - would make a great “running gag” in the film.  Sandy doesn’t make this a book about sex between Rachael and Patrick – even though their romance is sensual.  This is a story about making sure that justice is served.  And as you finish another great book from Sandy Wolters, please make sure to read the Author’s Notes at the end.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Joachim Books: A SALUTE TO PAPERBACKS! GIVE AWAY, TOO: I'm honoring paperback readers today by posting snippets of my books that are out in paperback and the links to buy them that way. For those...

If you like Jean's work, and would love a paperback copy, stop over to her site for a chance to win.

Under the Covers: 18 & Over Book Blogger Giveaway Hop

Under the Covers: 18 & Over Book Blogger Giveaway Hop: Under the Covers is participating in the 18 & Over Book Blogger Giveaway Hop hosted by Bitten by Paranormal Romance and Getting Naughty B...

This blogger giveaway ends tomorrow.  Stop on over to win some nice swag.

Monday, March 19, 2012

One Hot Mess: THE WOLF WITCH - cover art!

One Hot Mess: THE WOLF WITCH - cover art!: Drum roll please! I am delighted to show off the cover for my second  Brides of Darkness  novella, THE WOLF WITCH. I  love  Elisa's hair. I ...

Today's your last day for a chance to win - stop on over.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Maggie Mae by Sandy Wolters

Publisher:  CreateSpace
Release Date:  February 24, 2011
Pages:  232 pages (paperback)/225KB (e-book)
ISBN:  9781470013165 (paperback)
Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Ghosts
Rating:  4 ½ stars 

July 4, 2010
Maggie Mae Dixon is seen on the beach ready to marry the man she loves.  James David Carson is the man who filled the empty spot in her life.  But it’s all a dream.  Her husband died five years ago.

She’s come to visit with Amanda and says hello to her dad, Rafferty.  Rafferty was Jimmy’s best friend and business partner.  He also has a secret.  He wants to tell Maggie but the time has never been right.  Sandy gives us a glimpse of what Raff and Maggie had in the past.  She will have you laughing when she tells you the story of Maggie on the slopes and how Raff is there to save the day.

We see Michael Rogers telling his officer, Michelle Dooley, about an incident at the local middle school.  It will have you going eww.  Sandy’s writing makes the scene very believable and laughable at the same time.  Michael then gets an interesting call on his cell phone.

We find that it’s Maggie’s brother, Marc, on the other end and he’s in a panic.  You would think the world was coming to an end or World War III was just around the corner.  Meanwhile, Maggie is recalling an incident between her and Raff’s mother.  Can we say woman from hell?

Michael then gets to meet Maggie and she surprises him.  As you read the scene, she will surprise you as well.  There seems to be a connection that neither of them can explain.  We see her start as a caterpillar and then turn into a butterfly.

Maggie then has to go to her friend Carley’s house.  Carley has been trying to set her up for a while now.  Maggie gets very creative in getting rid of her blind dates.  It’s just one more scene where Sandy has you laughing.

Maggie’s first sexual experience, since her husband passed away, is very hot.  And at the end of the scene it’s one more time that Sandy has you laughing.  Then she turns around and turns up the heat.  But always in the back of your mind you wonder what became of Raff.  And then Michael and Raff meet – can we say roosters? 

I had never heard of Sandy before.  Then I was asked to do a review of this book.  I was very happy that I was asked.  She has a way of spinning a story that has you falling in love with the main characters.  Her female character is a woman who takes no prisoners and laughing at her at the same time.  If you haven’t read “Maggie Mae” before you need to read it or at the very least have it on your TBR list.

Urban Girl Reader: Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway: The Half-Breed Vam...

Urban Girl Reader: Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway: The Half-Breed Vam...:     Today’s special guest at Urban Girl Reader is author Theresa Meyers who has been one busy lady lately! She joins us today to talk a b...

If you like Theresa Meyer's work, you will want to stop over for a chance to win either a print or electronic copy of her latest Nocturne book.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book Reviews - Bookin' It Reviews: Book Spotlight & Giveaway of Tactical Deception wi...

Book Reviews - Bookin' It Reviews: Book Spotlight & Giveaway of Tactical Deception wi...: Welcome readers! USA Today's Bestselling Author Jennifer St. Giles, writing as J.L. Saint  is here today to celebrate the release of her lat...

If you like some suspense with your romance, stop over for a chance to win.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Preternatura: Q&A with UF Author Dakota Banks and HUGE Friday Gi...

Preternatura: Q&A with UF Author Dakota Banks and HUGE Friday Gi...: You guys are in for a treat today! We’re welcoming urban fantasy author Dakota Banks, whose third Mortal Path novel, Deliverance, comes ou...

This is an international giveaway but it's only for today.  So you need to act fast.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Alyssa Fox: I Was A Virgin Once Blog Hop

Alyssa Fox: I Was A Virgin Once Blog Hop: While this is so very true, I'm not going to be talking about what you might think. I do believe my husband would kill me if I told ab...

If you like giveaways, today's your last chance to try to snag a copy.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Carolyn Rosewood: FREE READ Saturdays VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE STORY!!...

Carolyn Rosewood: FREE READ Saturdays VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE STORY!!...: The time has come to VOTE!!! Below are the links to all six contest stories. Please leave a comment on THIS post for your favorite. Votin...

If you haven't read hear Saturday stories, please stop over and read.  Then vote for your favorite.  Mine was prompt #2 if you feel so inclined.

Urban Girl Reader: Guest Post & Giveaway: King of Darkness by Elisabe...

Urban Girl Reader: Guest Post & Giveaway: King of Darkness by Elisabe...: Today, author Elisabeth Staab joins us and we need to give her a much deserved shoutout for being so patient with us.    Elisabeth’s post ...

If you are a fan of Elisabeth Staab, you will want to stop over for a chance to win.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fictional Candy: Inkspell Free Reads Week

Fictional Candy: Inkspell Free Reads Week: Free Reads Week This week, from March 12 th to March 16 th , InkSpell Publishing is organizing a free reads week. That means that ...

Who doesn't love to read - you wouldn't visit if you didn't.  Inkspell is offering some free reads this week.  If you like contests, make sure to follow the link.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Carolyn Rosewood: FREE READ Saturdays VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE STORY!!...

Carolyn Rosewood: FREE READ Saturdays VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE STORY!!...: The time has come to VOTE!!! Below are the links to all six contest stories. Please leave a comment on THIS post for your favorite. Votin...

If you haven't had a chance to read her six stories, please stop over and read them.  And if you could show story #2 some lovin.  This was the story that has my prompt.  Thank you.

Shadows of the Night: Contest: Win a Free Copy of Reaper's Reward

Shadows of the Night: Contest: Win a Free Copy of Reaper's Reward: Reaper's Reward will be released on Monday, March 12, and I'm going to give away 2 free copies at noon that day. To enter, just leave a co...

This story may be a little different than you are used to but stop over an comment for a chance to win.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beauty in the Beast by Christine Danse

This story was written in the first person.

Tara Cooper and three of her friends; Frederick, Miles, and Elizabeth; are on their way to London’s Frost Fair.  They don’t have much luck since they are traveling by sled during a snow storm.  They let us know that they are entertainers who were going to perform at the fair.  Tara has a sense for things and she senses that there is something dark out there.  They decide that they need to seek shelter.

The house that they stop at belongs to a trapper and his name is Rolph.  In appreciation of Rolph’s hospitality, they suggest telling him some tales.  Beth is first and tells a tale using her puppets.  “Beauty in the Beast” is set around the time that the automatons were in their heyday.  If you watch this video, you will have an idea of what they do. 

Tara is the next to tell a tale – a fae tale.  She also asks Fred to provide some music.  If you feel so inclined, you may want to put on some nice soft instrumental music while you read her tale.  Her tale also has a lesson to it.  After Tara’s story, it is then Mile’s turn.  His tale also involves the automatons.  If you want to read something about them, you can start at Wikipedia,, and you can always stop by your library and see if they can give you any more information.

After Miles finishes his story, Tara asks Rolph if he has a tale to tell.  His story is about alchemy.  His story is dark compared to the other tales.  Once all stories had been told and they ate Rolph’s stew, they proceeded to go to bed - all except Tara and Rolph that is.  In the morning, they find that in order to fix their stomper they must travel into town. 

I love how Christine describes the shop that Tara goes into.  By her descriptions, I would be like a kid in a candy store.  I would love to know if those types of stores still exist or at least be able to travel back in time to visit one.

That evening Tara and Rolph have an intimate moment together and Tara finds out what Rolph really is.  No I’m not going to tell you.  You will have to read this story to find out.  And believe me you will want to read it.  It’s the perfect story to read if all you have is a little time and want to read something great.  It is a romance but it’s also something more.  The romance is not what the story fixes on.  It fixes itself onto the characters.  I was almost sad to come to the conclusion.  I wanted to read more of Tara and Rolph’s story.

I give “Beauty in the Beast” 4 1/2 stars.

Tags:  Romantic Steampunk; Gothic Horror

'Latter-Day of the Dead' - Chance to get 1 of 2 copies of Signed Paperback.

'Latter-Day of the Dead' - Chance to get 1 of 2 copies of Signed Paperback.  If you like zombies, stop over to Cabin Goddess for a chance to win.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Wicked Weekend by Gillian Archer

Release Date:  March 12, 2012
Publisher:  Carina Press 

Lauren Vaughn is at a ski lodge not too far from ski resort not too far from Vegas with her sister, Crystal, and her sister’s fiancé, Pierce.  She goes up to the bar to get some drinks and meets Jamie Forman.

We catch her drooling over him and then she meets his eyes.  They then get into a discussion about BDSM.  They want to get to know each other better and Lauren lets him in on a secret – she listens to a podcast about that lifestyle.  Do you?

We see that Lauren has body issues.  She feels that she’s a little on the plump side.  Jay is her perfect match.  He is the Dom to her Sub – and she loves it.  Gillian is great about showing us everything that Lauren is feeling but we really don’t see much about what Jamie is feeling.  Then as he get emotionally closer to Lauren that is when you finally see what he’s feeling and how his past has an effect on him now.

Has Jamie changed Lauren’s life?  Will she continue the lifestyle when she goes back to her “normal” life?  If you want these two questions answered you have to continue reading.  What’s nice about this book is that you can finish the story in one day.  The bad thing is, you want to know more about their life together.

If the BDSM lifestyle is not your scene, you may want to give this one a try.  It’s not in your face.  The spanking, role playing, and general BDSM is well written and not written to make the reader uncomfortable.  It may also give you a new author to start reading.

I give “Wicked Weekend 4 1/2 stars.

Tags:  Spanking, Role Playing, BDSM

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hide & Seek: A Games of Zeus Novel by Aimee Laine

Lexi Shepherd ran along the beach to make a delivery.  Her client isn’t happy.  She runs away from him and ends up at the wrong house.  She meets a man there who intrigues her.  His name is Tripp Fox.  She’s also searching for her soulmate.  This is where our mystery begins.

When Lexi first meets Tripp she doesn’t realize it but he has a fiancée.  In talking, they find that they have something in common but neither is happy about it.  Lexi also finds that there are other ways that they are connected.  This will keep you reading because you will want to know what’s going to happen next.  You will also want to brush up on your knowledge of mythology – especially about the Laelaps and the Teumessian Fox.

The first sex scene between Lexi and Tripp is very interesting.  If you don’t read this story, you won’t find out what makes it so interesting.  They then have a second scene on a hotel balcony.  Are you getting any ideas?  Maybe it’s something you would like to explore with your partner.  Lexi also finds out about one of Tripp’s special gifts.

Along their journey, they will meet an interesting elderly couple, George and Marge.  If you love happy ending stories, Aimee gives that to you.  I recommend that this is a story you will want to read.  Besides a love story it’s a mythology lesson.  It will also make you want to see if there will be a second book.

I give "Hide & Seek" 4 stars.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

S.M. Boyce's Book "Lichgates"  If you like contests, and you either know S.M. Boyce (or she's a new author for you), you may want to stop over for a chance at winning one of 75 e-copies up for grabs.  This is book one of the Grimoire trilogy.  Good Luck!

IceyBooks: Win an audiobook of INFAMOUS by Sherrilyn Kenyon

IceyBooks: Win an audiobook of INFAMOUS by Sherrilyn Kenyon: Add INFAMOUS to Goodreads Find Sherrilyn Kenyon Goodreads - Website The world has fallen in love with Nick Gautier and t...

If you are one that likes to listen to a book, stop over for a chance to win. There are 27 days left.

Friday, March 2, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

Triple-X trilogy of novels has women talking (quietly)

They were talking about on the Today Show this morning. You will need to read the article to see what all the buzz is about.