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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Series Review: Episode 102, Castle Leoch; Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Rating:  Thumbs up

This continues from the first episode that aired last week.  I noticed that the colors aren't bright but muted - this helps to set the mood.  It also gives the viewer more of a sense that Claire has gone back in time.  We also get to see more of Jamie - which isn't a bad thing.  You will also see the hatred between the English and Scottish.  Claire is under suspicion which isn't surprising since she is English.

This is another episode that it was hard to believe how quickly the time passed by.  You quickly get sucked into the story line and then become disappointed once it's over.  There is some violence and the inference of rape.  You get to see Jamie without his shirt which isn't a bad thing.

The viewer also gets introduced to a character named Geillis Duncan.  She seems to know things about plants like Claire does.  It will be interesting to see if we see more of Geillis.  The teaser that came at the end of this episode leaves me looking forward to next Saturday.  I also hope that once this season is over and I go back and read the book that I won't be disappointed.

Only disappointment I had was that in having to take care of an elderly parent I got pulled away and missed some of tonight's episode.  The good news is that I can either watch it again on Starz or watch it online.  One thing I'm impressed with is that when they speak in their language there is no captioning at the bottom.  Just like Claire, we don't know what they're saying  but in one scene Geillis explains to Claire what is going on.

There's a whole community out there,, that I hope you will check out.  Until next week...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Series Review: Episode 1, Sassenach; Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Rating:  Thumbs Up

If you have read Diana Gabaldon Outlander series you are sure to enjoy this television series brought to you by Starz.  I love to read time travel/fantasy romances, but you may not believe this, but I have never read one of Diana's books.  And after watching the first episode, I have to say that I'm glad that I haven't.  It also makes history much more interesting and not boring like back in school.

There have been book series that have been turned into movies, like Nora Roberts' novels, and I like the movies better than the books.  Then there are other authors, like Stephenie Meyer, that I enjoyed the movie and I just couldn't seem to make myself read the book because I didn't want to disappointment myself.

I do have cable but not any of the pay movie channels.  I heard that this series was coming out and I sat on the fence but after watching this episode, and looking forward to when Lisa Renee Jones series Inside Out comes to Starz, it was my deciding factor to take the chance and to be a  subscriber.  I could watch it on Xfinity (yes I have Comcast) but you still need to have a subscription.

This first episode starts in the future - not our present but our past.  The war has just ended for Great Britain and our female character, Claire, is celebrating a second honeymoon with her husband.  This honeymoon sets off a series of events that take Claire into the past.

If you love men in kilts, you are going to enjoy seeing some of the men that she encounters.  It still left me wondering what they have underneath.  This may come to light as the series continues.  I watched this first episode, which is free at right now (, on my computer and even though the screen was small I enjoyed every minute.  You got the sense that you were there right along with our main character.  There's was some strong language (or what they would consider strong) along with a near rape, some adventure, some action, some blood (in case you get queasy), and yes even sex.  The only thing I questioned is that the men didn't seem to be puzzled by what she had on.

I think that this is a series that I want to take a chance on.  Am I disappointed that it's not on regular cable - sure.  But if it were on regular cable then you would have commercials and you probably wouldn't have the nudity.  Plus it might not have stayed true to the book series.  I'm also glad it's not on Netflix because then I'd have to get another subscription in order to watch it there.  This is not a series for children to watch because of the nudity and language (unless you are cool with that).

One thing I've decided on is that once this season is complete, I will give the book a chance and hope that I won't be disappointed as I have been in the past.  I hope that it gets enough of a viewing that it will return for a season two.  Maybe you can also give this series a chance and if you need an incentive watch the trailer above and then go and watch the free first episode.  If you need more incentive stop by the Outlander page,  and check out the cast.  If you can't afford an extra channel, check to see if any of your friends are going to have viewing parties. -- Looking forward to episode two :)

If you do watch this episode, please come back and let me know what you think.  Are you willing to take a chance on this series?  What are you looking forward to?