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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Xpresso Tours Presents: Alpha's Moon by Sabrina Silvers; #BookBlitz, #ReleaseBlitz, #NowAvailable, #OutNow, #TBR, #Live, #Giveaway

Alpha’s Moon
Sabrina Silvers
(Dirigo Pack, #1)
Publication date: June 22nd 2021
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

The mating heat ignites between a dominant alpha-heir and a forbidden wolf-witch hybrid when they’re forced to find his kidnapped sister and stop a war.

Now is not the time for Kane to have found his mate. But the Goddess is never wrong. If he gives in to his desires for Sheridan, her lineage could cost him everything. Yet as his body aches for her, and thoughts of her curves cloud his mind, he finds himself willing to risk it all to claim her.

Forced, out of friendship and loyalty, Sheridan joins the hunt and gets more than she bargained for with a dangerous attraction to a darkly handsome wolf. While she seeks to distance herself from pack politics, Sheridan can’t deny that the first place she has ever felt she belongs is at Kane’s side. Not everyone agrees, and some will stop at nothing to destroy their love, their family, their future.

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“What’s really going on, Kane? What aren’t you telling me?”

He stared at the forest beyond the house, and she wondered if he longed to be running in the woods. She’d often caught her father staring into the woods by their house, though he rarely shifted and went running, even during a full moon, saying it was too dangerous. Unfortunately, it was also too dangerous not to shift, which became his downfall. She had felt the itch around the full moon, an itch her father had described to her, to be free, to run fast and loose in the woods. But she’d never shifted, never would if she hadn’t yet. She was latent, a half-breed who didn’t get enough of her father’s shifter genes to push her into full shifter status.

Some half-breeds could shift. It all depended on the dominance of the shifter parent. The theory had been that her mother’s witch’s blood had cancelled out her father’s shifter DNA, leaving her a magical dud. Pathetically normal. Just enough to know she wasn’t quite human, but not paranormal either. A woman without a place in any society.

So why the hell was she sitting here in Pack territory when she should’ve been politely escorted off with a thank you for your time, we’ve got it from here?

Kane’s finger’s flexed on the steering wheel, and the vinyl resin creaked under the pressure. He let out a breath and faced her. “I think we’re mates.”

She blinked, the words not quite settling in her brain. “Mates? But I’m not a shifter, and we’ve met before. How could this be the first time? Not to mention, I’m not a wolf. Not really.”

He shrugged. “Mating is a very odd thing. Mates have known each other for years, and suddenly, the bond makes itself known. It could be because of the danger, you being injured, that it made itself known. The very fact that you aren’t a wolf could have hidden the bond. But the itching? I feel it too. It could be the mating mark revealing itself.”

He rubbed the back of his neck and down his back as best he could. She stared at him, feeling like the jaws of a trap closing in. “So, we both have an itch. Maybe we’re allergic to the same things. We’ve been hanging around together. It could happen.”

He turned his whiskey-dark eyes on her, a hint of gold shining through to reveal the wolf also present. “You know better than that. Or maybe you don’t. Bottom line, I think our mating bonds are trying to form.”

She fumbled with the seat belt and shoved open the door. Once she finally got it opened, she almost fell out onto the pavement, stumbling in her haste to get away from the Jeep. He was there almost in an instant, holding her up so she didn’t fall. She flinched from his touch, recoiling from him as if she could protect herself although she suspected it was too late. 

She backed away, staring at him and shaking her head. “No, we can’t be mates. It’s not possible.” She couldn’t keep the dawning horror out of her voice, and he winced as if she had stabbed him with a knife.

She felt a momentary sadness for him, pity that she was hurting him. Wolves waited years for their fated mates, for these bonds to form. Her father had left his Pack for his mate. It had even ultimately cost him his life. These bonds were what allowed mates to have children and continue their line. Yes, there was always the option for creating a shadow bond, using witches to simulate the mate bond to allow for children, but everyone said that bond was a pale imitation. The true mate bond was what every shifter desired. The connection, the depth of feeling. And she was shitting all over it.

But damn it. If she opened herself up to the bond, he’d know right away that it could never work between them. For one thing, she was latent, a half-breed. His Pack would never accept her. Second, she could never open herself up for the bond to truly form, not to the extent required for the connection. Hell, she couldn’t even open herself up for healing, never mind a mate bond. The bond would die, and it would kill Kane. She couldn’t do that to Kayleigh’s brother, especially not the future Alpha of the Pack. And goddess knew, she was the last person anyone would want as the future Luna.

But the idea did explain why his mother had helped her escape the previous evening. She knew Sheridan wasn’t the right choice. Someone should’ve explained that to Kane.

Kane’s face grew stone cold at her rejection. He dropped his hands from her shoulders and took a step back. “Fine. Let’s focus on finding Kayleigh, okay? I still need your help with that.”

Author Bio:

Sabrina Silvers began her writing career dreaming of elves, orcs, and hobbits in the fantasy section of her local library, looking in wardrobes for Narnia and Aslan, and hunting for gnomes in the forest. To her dismay, she never found any of them except between the pages of her books. So, she had to go out and create them for herself, leading to her lifelong love of reading and writing and dreaming about adventures, fantasy creatures and love in fantasy lands! She divides her time between writing sexy contemporary romances under a different pen name, reading, knitting and being owned by a very spoiled cocker spaniel who does not share her love of fantasy creatures.

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