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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Bare Naked Words Presents: Owned By The Mountain Man; #ReleaseBlitz, #NowAvailable, #OutNow, #TBR, #Live


Owned by The Mountain Man
by Gemma Weir
Montana Mountain Men #2
Genre: Erotic Mountain Man Romance
#LiveNow#MountainMan #GemmaWeir


Huge, muscled and sexy in plaid, Huck Barnett is one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen. Every woman in Rockhead Peak wants a taste of the mountain man. Including me.

Except, after a drunken girls’ night out, instead of waking up with him in my bed, I wake up with a killer hangover and an inbox full of his texts telling me how reckless and dangerous my antics are.

Now my dad and brother want to find me a husband, and my ex-boyfriend has decided he wants the job.

But I’m not looking for marriage, I’d rather have a few incredible nights with the annoying mountain hottie. Only it turns out he’s not looking for a hook-up... he wants to own me.

Interconnected Standalone featuring characters that appeared in 
Property Of The Mountain Man


Check out Book 1:

Property of The Mountain Man:

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Meet the Author:

Gemma Weir is a half crazed stay at home mom to three kids, one man child and a hell hound. She has lived in the midlands, in the UK her whole life and has wanted to write a book since she was a child. Gemma has a ridiculously dirty mind and loves her book boyfriends to be big, tattooed alpha males. She's a reader first and foremost and she loves her romance to come with a happy ending and lots of sexy sex.

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