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Monday, December 28, 2020

#Review: My Darling Arrow by Saffron A. Kent; #NowAvailable, #OutNow, #TBR, #Live, #Audiobook, #Review


My Darling Arrow 
by Saffron A. Kent 
St. Mary’s Rebels Series, #1 
Narrators: Jason Clarke and Sarah Puckett 
Rating: 4.0
Told in the first person. Alternating persons.

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received this book for review from Wildfire Marketing Solutions and the author. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am posting this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising". 


Darling Arrow,

I shouldn’t be writing this.

It’s not as if I’m ever going to send you this letter and there are a million reasons why.

First of all, I was sent to St. Mary’s School for Troubled Teenagers – an all-girls reform school – as a punishment for a petty, totally inconsequential crime. Not to ogle the principal’s hot son around the campus.

Second of all, you’re a giant jerk. You’re arrogant and moody and so cold. Sometimes I think I shouldn’t even like you.

But strangely your coldness sets me on fire.

The way your athletic body moves on the soccer field and the way your powerful thighs sprawl across that bike of yours, make me go inappropriately breathless.

But that’s not the worst part.

The worst part is that you, Arrow Carlisle, are not only the principal’s hot son.

You also happen to be the love of my sister’s life.

And I really shouldn’t be thinking about my sister’s boyfriend or rather fiancé (I overheard a conversation about the ring that I shouldn’t have.)

Now if I can only stop writing you these meaningless letters that I’ll never send and you’ll never read…

Never yours,

NOTE: This book is a standalone and DOES NOT contain cheating.

My Thoughts:

I loved listening to this book and at some point will listen to again.  Part of the reason that I want to listen to the book again is due to the narrators.  Mr. Clarke and Ms. Puckett did a great job in helping me imagine who Arrow and Salem are and what they are feeling. 


Our narrators are the ones that brought life to what our author has written.  By listening to Ms. Puckett as Salem, we feel so sorry for what she’s going through and your heart wants things to get better for her.  Mr. Clarke is good at showing how brooding Arrow is.  He has issues that you hope he can resolve. 


One warning might be that there comes a point where your heart almost breaks for what Arrow had to go through growing up.  It’s something that does happen so for some it might be a trigger.  At points in the story, that feeling sits in the background as I listen to Arrow voice his frustration.  Salem seems to have a bubbly personality that sits below the surface because of how she feels that others see her.  She also has issues but has some great friends if she’s willing to let them in. 


Your experience will be different if you read as opposed to listening to a book.  In this case, I think the listening is the way to go.  You can’t feel the hurt, the anger, or the passion as good as you can when someone reads to you.  Words have a different life when you can put a voice to what you see on a page.  As I was writing this review, I found that this is the first in a series so I will be interested to see where the author plans to take her readers. 

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