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Monday, September 30, 2019

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Lea was born into the Notorious Devils life. A daughter of a traitor.

She fell in love at the age of fourteen, maybe even before that. She is determined to become a woman that he can love, even if she can never have him.

When trouble appears in her life, she is forced to call upon the Devils to save her. She reaches out to the one man that she knows she shouldn’t.

Baby knows that his relationship with Lea has only ever been platonic. Even if nobody else in the club has understood their bond, he has only ever wanted to protect her.

When his phone rings five years after she leaves for boarding school, he doesn’t hesitate to come to her rescue. After all, he has always vowed to have her back.

He knows it’s wrong. He cannot deny that this wild child has turned into a beautiful wild woman. One that he cannot let go. He must make her his, even if he is not available to give himself to her completely.

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Shaking my head, I decide to get a drink. Tugging the bottle of vodka out of the freezer, I don’t even bother with a glass. Twisting the cap off, I toss it into the garbage can and bring the bottle to my lips before taking a large pull.

Closing my eyes, I let the liquid burn as it slides down my throat. Inhaling a deep breath, I do it again. And again. I continue to drink until I no longer feel the burn, until I no longer think about the Notorious Devils, any of them. Until Carter is just a blur.

With a snort, I grab my apartment keys and sway out of the room, locking the door behind me.


That’s what I am. What I’ve been. The moment I set my sights on Baby, I knew the kind of woman that I wanted to be, and I’ve become her, worse actually. Some would call me a slut, others would use the term promiscuous.

In reality, I’m a drunk and a party girl. I’m selfish and needy, greedy and stubborn. I’m stupid too, especially since I’m walking down the dark streets of Alberta, alone, in search of the nearest bar—the nearest man.



As an only child, Hayley Faiman had to entertain herself somehow. She started writing stories at the age of six and never really stopped.

Born in California, she met her now husband at the age of sixteen and married him at the age of twenty in 2004. After all of these years together, he’s still the love of her life.

Hayley’s husband joined the military and they lived in Oregon,where he was stationed with the US Coast Guard. They moved back to California in 2006, where they had two little boys. Recently, the four of them moved out to the Hill Country of Texas, where they adopted a new family member, a chocolate lab named Optimus Prime.

Most of Hayley’s days are spent taking care of her two boys, going to the baseball fields for practice, or helping them with homework. Her evenings are spent with her husband and her nights—those are spent creating alpha book boyfriends.


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