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Saturday, September 9, 2017

TRSOR Promotions Presents: Keeper by Amy Daws; #BookTour, #NowAvailable, #OutNow, #Review, #Giveaway

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They were best friends until they became roommates.

Rating: 5 Stars
Told in the first person. Alternating persons.

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received this book for review from TRSOR Promotions and the author.  I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review.  The opinions I have expressed are my own.  I am posting this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255:  "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising".

KEEPER COVER.jpgFull Blurb:

They were best friends until they became roommates.

Booker Harris has spent the last several years pushing himself to become the best goalkeeper in the Championship League. Tired of living in the shadows of his headline-splashing brothers, he has finally carved a path of his own.

As a child, Poppy McAdams was content in her own little make-believe world, until the boy next door with dimples and pained eyes came barreling into her makeshift fort demanding all her attention.

Best friends for most of their lives, everything changes when Poppy abruptly leaves London for University.

Now she is back, and gone is the awkward girl from Booker's youth. She has been replaced by a stunning woman with secrets.

Secrets that Booker is desperate to know.

Sharing a bedroom wall with your best friend from childhood quickly turns to anything but sweet and innocent.

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My Thoughts:

Ok, I’m not even two pages in and I can’t wait to hear the audio version of this.  Having listened to the other books in this series, and the narrators, I can’t wait to have this latest read to me.  But in the meantime, I can almost hear them speaking in my ear as I read this latest Harris family tale.

Booker Harris reminds me of one of the reasons that I love this series.  The Harris clan are very good at getting me to laugh – and that includes laughing out loud.  His story could be considered a standalone.  But I’m of the mind, why wouldn’t you want to read the other books.  It’s like watching the beginning and ending of a movie and skipping the important in between.  But you don’t want to miss that in between because that’s where all the good stuff happens.

Poppy McAdams has interesting descriptions when she reconnects with a friend.  Just like her they are unique.  She’s also one that her head says one thing but her heart reminds her of something else.  As these two friends reconnect you can feel the tension come off the page.  She reminds us how boys can be so clueless about some things.

I tried, I really really tried, but I just couldn’t slow down and take my time reading this story.  The hard part came when trying to put the book down and get some work done – whether at home or at work.  But just when I think I’ve found that perfect spot, someone from the family makes an appearance and I’m back to not wanting to stop.  The ending left me happy and anxious at the same time.  Happy because our main couple finally get their moment and anxious because there’s another Harris story coming but no sign of when.

Keepers Hands.jpg


I manage to sneak up beside her as she’s chatting with Vi, and she jumps nearly a foot in the air when she lays eyes on me.
“Booker!” Vi yells, pulling my focus off of Poppy. She wraps me in a hug. “Fucking aces game, my love. That last save. It was amazing! I can’t wait to watch it on the highlights I recorded at home. Seriously, career best save by far.”
I smile sheepishly as everyone else gives me a pat on the back, but the one I’m most curious for a reaction from remains silent. When their attention turns to something Rocky does, I step toward Poppy and nudge her with my elbow.
“Hello.” My voice is quiet as I lean over her, inhaling her scent—a vast improvement from the sweat and dirt wafting off of me.
“Hello,” she replies, looking up at me as she frowns with a puzzled expression.  
I smirk as I continue to tower over her. “How’d you like the game?”
Her eyes fixate on my mouth as I lick my lips. As if in some sort of daze, she twitches slightly and swallows. “Good seats.” Her cheeks flame red.
This amuses me and I have to bite my lip to stop from laughing. Of all the things she could have said after never having seen me play, she comments on the seats. It makes me want to tackle her to the ground and tickle her until she admits how bloody good I am.
I quirk my brow. “That’s all you have to comment on?”
“Oh yeah, good game or whatever.” She flicks her wrist in the air like today is any old Saturday and she didn’t just witness my career best save.
This makes me snicker. She can be stubborn as a mule sometimes. Determined, I straighten my posture, looming over her even more now and trying to silently intimidate her into admission. I want to hear her fucking say it. I want to hear her say I’m great. I’m not usually a cocky sod. My ego isn’t one that needs constant attention. But fuck me, after a game like tonight, I can’t help but want praise from my best friend.
I pierce her with a challenging look. “Did you really just say whatever?”
Her tongue swipes across her glossy lips as I move in even closer. She starts twitching and murmurs so low I can barely hear her, “Are you seriously trying to keeper me right now?”

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About the Author:

Amy.jpgAmy Daws is a lover of all things British and her London-based love stories bring the incredible city to life on every page. Read all about hot British men, hilarious heroines, and unforgettable and original ensemble casts that pull out all the feels. 

For more of Amy’s work, visit


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