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Sunday, September 17, 2017

#OutTomorrow: Catch My Fall by Jessica Scott; #Release, #NowAvailable, #OutNow, #Live

Catch My Fall is available early on iBooks!

Something got mixed up and iBooks readers are in for a pleasant surprise! Deacon & Kelsey are available early!

Print readers will be happy to see that CATCH MY FALL is available in print early on BARNES & NOBLE and AMAZON or signed copies are available on my website.
 And for those of you who were wondering, you can buy signed copies of most of mybooks directly from me on my website. If you're looking for international shipping, please email me first but we can definitely make it work. 
Lastly, here's a tease of something cool for the release week giveaway for CATCHMY FALL. What could be in the box?  Stay tuned to find out! 

Remember that CATCH MY FALL is being released at a special preorder price. The price goes up release week! Personally, I hate it when books go on sale soon after they're released so you have my promise that this is the best price on this book for the near future. 

★★★★Deacon & Kelsey are live 2 weeks early on my website!

ePub | Mobi 

As always, if you're not sure how to side load books onto your ereader, please wait to order from your preferred retailer. 

Deacon & Kelsey drop on September 18, 2017

If you're eagerly awaiting the bookstore on sale date, the first 3 chapters are available on my website.




Former Army Sergeant Deacon Hunter is trapped. 
Trapped in the friend zone. Longing for the woman who captured his heart when they were deployed in Iraq. 
Former Army Sergeant Kelsey Ryder has scars, the kind of scars she hopes that no one ever sees. Working around the guys at the Pint, she’s reminded of everything she lost when she left the Army behind. 
But some scars refuse to stay hidden. 
One fateful night changes everything and neither of them know if their relationship will ever be the same. 
All Deacon knows is that he’ll be there to catch her when she finally falls.


 Don't forget about the signed copies of AFTER I FALL over on Goodreads to celebrate the upcoming release of CATCHMY FALL. 




(contemporary military romance set at Ft Hood)

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