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Thursday, July 14, 2022

InkSlinger PR Presents: Fall From Grace by Tori Fox; #BlogTour, #NowAvailable, #OutNow, #TBR, #Live

FALL FROM GRACE by Tori Fox is out now! Check out the gorgeous new contemporary romance and get your copy today!

Title: Fall From Grace
Author: Tori Fox
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Fall From Grace:

I risked everything to write the story that could change my life. And it did, just not in the way I hoped. I was fired. 

I went to my brother with my tail between my legs begging him for a job. 

He came through and managed to get me one… working for his best friend. 

But the most embarrassing thing, he happened to be my one night stand from a week ago and now enemy number one in my eyes. 

We push each other's buttons every day in every way. 

Except, the more time I spend with him, the more I let my walls down. 

I’ve always known, some things are too good to be true. 

And Carson Taylor is one of them. 


She’s my best friend's little sister, Grace Prescott. 

She is beyond off limits. And now, she works for me. 

She’s a constant tease to me with those sexy outfits and bee stung lips. 

But her teasing ends up turning into late night rendezvous and dirty secrets. 

She’s hiding things from me. And it just might be my downfall. 

I could lose everything again. 

My pride, my job, my best friend. 

Is this my not so eloquent fall from grace?  


Get Your Copy!


I smile at her. “Let me guess, you have an ex who was a lawyer or a politician, maybe both.” She goes to cut me off but I continue talking. “And acted like some big shot. Was an asshole. Made you promises all the time but was too focused on his own career he forgot about you. And you thought you could put up with it but then the sex was lackluster, boring, you needed to get yourself off too many times to count while he lay snoring next to you after he got himself off inside you.”

          She bites her lip hard then takes a large sip of her vodka and soda.

          “And let me guess, his dick was small too.”

          “It wouldn’t have mattered if his dick was big or small. He didn’t know how to use it.”

          I smile as I watch her crack.


          I run my finger along the edge of my glass as I hear Mason snickering next to me. “Sounds like it’s not really a lawyer or a politician problem. Sounds more like an asshole problem. Like someone who couldn’t read you, couldn’t understand what you wanted, what you needed.”

          “And you do?”

          I lean in a brush a piece of loose hair that was framing her face behind her ear. “I saw the way you were talking to that guy at the bar earlier. He wasn’t forceful enough for you. Your body was lax, your stance bored. You want someone to dominate you. You look like the type of woman who will fight back with every demand made. Yet with each second that passes your pussy grows wetter. Your thighs clenching, your body craving my touch. Yet I keep my distance. Each time I lean to grab my drink you hope I brush your arm. Feel the caress of my breath across your cheek. The need grows in you as I keep my distance. Your eyes are dilated anticipating the slightest touch. You want nothing more than for me to touch you. Drag my fingers gently down the side of your cheek. Then grab you, pulling you close, devouring that mouth. Pulling on your hair, gripping your hips hard enough to bruise.” I pull away and see the flush on her chest, the increased rate of her breathing. “But you’ll never admit that. You’re too strong to admit you would submit to me every damn time.”

About the Author:

Tori Fox is the author of romantic suspense and contemporary romance with a little bit of angst and a whole lot of sexy. When she isn’t writing, you can find her listening to true crime podcasts as she tends to her plants or singing along to Taylor Swift as she drinks champagne. Tori lives above the clouds with her husband and dog in the Rocky Mountains.  


Connect with the Author:

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