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Monday, May 16, 2022

#CoverReveal: Guns And Gags by Erin Mc Luckie Moya; #ComingSoon, #TBR, #PreOrder



 Guns and Gags
by Erin Mc Luckie Moya 

This is book 5 in the Hell Hounds MC series and can be read as a standalone.

🥵 Age Gap 
🤦‍♀️ Troubled Heroine
🖲 Domme/Sub relationship 
✍ HE teaches HER how to be a DOMME
 (You may need to read that again) 

"You are a wild girl with no discipline. You crave control - crave freedom, but the question, Nicci doll, is whether you have enough stamina to sate your craving?" 

Her eyes widened, breath quickening as she stood tall, her spine ramrod stiff. 

"What do you mean?" If she was going for nonchalance, she failed dismally because her breathy cadence gave away her excitement - her intrigue. 

"It takes a special girl to wrestle - to tame - to dominate the animalistic need of a man like me." I allowed the implications to settle between us. 

It didn't take long for her gaze to flare with desire. 

"You need handling old man?" She grinned at me, throwing that cocksure attitude of hers behind each word. 

"It depends if you're up to the challenge." 

Her exhale rattled through her chest and it was my turn to pause - to wait - to see. This wouldn't be something I coerced her into. It was either something she wanted to do, or it wasn't. I could teach her how to dominate, but if the want to impose her will - her power on someone else wasn't there, then this wouldn't work. 

"Would I get to tie you up?" Her voice was almost giddy - so childish and girlish that I wanted to stroke the very essence of her youthfulness. 

"Sometimes." My voice was gruff and low, my cock hardening at the thought of being bound and at her mercy. 

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