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Sunday, May 22, 2022

InkSlinger PR Presents: Double Doms by Leigh Lennon; #ReleaseBlitz, #NowAvailable, #OutNow, #TBR, #Live

Double Doms by Leigh Lennon is out now! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Double Doms
Author: Leigh Lennon
Cover by TRC designs
Photographer-Lindee Robinson
Models- Julie, Camden, Jordan
Genre: Erotic Romance
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About Double Doms:

Stone O'Leary
I'm no stranger to heartache. 
My unconventional desires come at a price, and that price was losing the one person I loved. I never thought I could find a man and a woman who would complete me the way Gibson and Charis have. But, nothing worth keeping comes easy. 

Gibson Smith 

The second I cross paths with Stone O'Leary, the electricity could spark a raging fire. 
His sexy Irish accent doesn't hurt, either. 
I only agreed to one night, and I never counted on running into him again - or the sexy blonde hanging on his arm. 
He calls it fate—finding the two people who complete him. 
I call it a mistake and try to run away as fast as possible. 
But I can't keep my mind off either of them. 

Charis Andropolis 

How can I resist the two men that want me? 
The simple answer is, I can't. 
When Stone and Gibson keep popping up in my life, I take it as a sign that maybe I can have it all. Stone's all in. Gibson? He's going to take some convincing. 
Our love story may be unconventional, but with a connection we have, anything's possible.

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Exclusive Excerpt: 


I already have Gibson handcuffed to the bed, and because I’m a sadistic bastard, I have him blindfolded, too.  

I’ve instructed Charis to sit in a chair in the corner, watching all of this play out.   

“What do you think, love?”   

“Wow,” she begins. “There’s so much, but the first would be—how the hell is having him blindfolded so much hotter?”   

“Well,” Gibson begins. “It has something to do with having my other senses heightened. It’s supposed to add to the sensuality of it all.”   

“That is the teacher’s explanation because he’s our analytical one, love. But in simple terms, it’s just sexy as fuck.”   

“Yeah, I agree,” she begins and I pop the top on the lube, generously lathering my fingers.   

“You want a play-by-play, love, or would you rather just sit and watch?”   

“Watch,” she barely breathes out.   

“Ah, our sexy little nurse wants to simply take us in.” Gibson is just as quiet.   

“I love this so much more. We’re all lost in the moment.” Yeah, my astute scholar and the things that come out of his mouth.   

Charis is positioned in a way that she can see everything from the side and because I have to see the man when I fuck him, I just can’t not give her the best view.   

With one finger I enter him. “Oh, fuck, Doc.”   

Charis gasps from the side.  

“Yeah, open up your robe, love, and play with yourself. I especially want to see you flick your clit.” 

“Holy peanut butter on a penis.” This is her reply and I’ll have to revisit it a bit later.   

“I’m not fully aware of very much American slang, so we’ll circle back to it.” But if I were a betting man, I’d say she likes what she sees.   

“Yeah, that’s a Charis saying all on her own.” But when I enter another finger, all notions of peanut butter and penises are put to the wayside.   

“Doc, please, I need you.” Yeah, he knows, as he’s told Charis in the past, I’ll provide when I’m good and ready and because I want to see my own handprint on his arse, I smack it, and hard. It’s one reason I love the feel of a man. They can take as good as I give and it’s certainly a turn-on for me.   

“So hot.” But when I search over for Charis’s reaction, she’s still doing what I’ve asked. “Shit, between you both, I don’t think I’ll make it.”   

I enter another finger and this makes Gibs’s whimper turn into laments of need. ‘’I got you, Teach.”   

I line my cock up to his entrance and push in, and when the tip disappears, I turn my attention to Charis, who’s stopped her own pleasure, simply watching us.   

“That’s it, love, just watch, there will be plenty of time to get off later. Simply stare at us as my cock disappears inside of Gibs.”   

My attention turns to Gibson. I get lost in the submission he shows to me. It’s only beginning. The three of us together is what I’ve been looking for in my life, and I sure as hell won’t ever let them go.  

“I’m close, Doc. I’m so close.” I know I’m hitting his prostate, and I won’t be long either. “Come for me, baby. Come for me now.”   

His semen covers both mine and his stomach, as I am so close, one more push, and I find my own release. I slide out and watch him transform before my eyes. “I love you, Doc. Fuck, did I fight it, but you’re just enough of an asshole to have fought me every step of the way.”   

This is Gibson speak for thank you. “Thanks for the compliment that I’m sure is in there somewhere.”

“Yeah, it’s there, you just have to read between the lines.” He pulls me into his side. “GG, come here. I need you. Ah, fuck, do I need you.”   

And I know he’s about to claim our nurse, and then we’ll all be connected in a way that can’t and won’t be broken.  

About Leigh Lennon: 

I am a woman who loves to share all my imaginary friends with the world. 
My characters become as real to me as those I call family. 
I am a girl, who loves pretty nails, spikey hair and large earrings. 
Coffee and wine call to me daily, depending on the time of the day.
I am a mom first and foremost and my kids are the breath of my life. 
I met my husband while serving in the military and I am proud to say he’s kicked cancer’s ass! 
I write real life issues that reflect a little of my own little world. 
My family tolerates the seventh member of our family, my computer, as I lug this vital piece everywhere I go.  

Connect with Leigh Lennon:

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