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Friday, April 22, 2016

#FuckCancer: Keep Calm and Fight On; #CoverReveal, #Anthology

Releases: 5.20.2016
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It’s a vile and ugly word. Some of you may have only been
touched by it through friends and loved ones, or maybe someone you know in
passing. Either way, it’s a horrible disease, and one that can’t be fought
alone. Whether you are the one battling it personally, or being the rock for
someone else, it’s a war that is fought daily. It’s a sickness that sneaks up
on you, but the devastation is always the same. The pain, the anger, and the
sadness will affect everyone in varying degrees.

The amazing authors of this anthology came together for one
purpose—to help a special person who was diagnosed with Stage Three Breast
Cancer fight back, but to also give hope to others. Whether you are fighting
this battle currently, fought it in the past, know someone who is fighting it
now, or even if you don’t, this Anthology is filled with short stories that
were written to give you hope. This fight can
be won. But, most importantly, to show there are people out there who are
willing to help.

You are not alone.

All book sale proceeds will be donated to a woman that is near
and dear to our hearts. Elaine Holcomb had to sacrifice so much, yet has gained
so little. Our hope is to help her out with costs of treatment so she doesn’t
have to worry about anything other than fighting this disease and getting
better. It may not be enough to cover everything, but in this fight, even the
smallest of things can go a long way.

So here’s to the fight against Cancer, and everyone who is
battling against it—directly or indirectly. Keep calm & fight on.

But most of all…F*ck

Join these amazing authors and help Elaine kick cancer's ass. 

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