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Sunday, June 30, 2019

InkSlinger PR Presents: Scent For Love by Sophia Knightly; #BlogTour, #NowAvailable, #OutNow, #Giveaway

Today we have the blog tour for Sophia Knightly’s SCENT FOR LOVE! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy of this fun romantic comedy today!

Title: Scent for Love
Author: Sophia Knightly
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy

About Scent for Love:

He's hotter than a chili pepper. She's icy champagne. A combination ready to combust...

All Gabe Falcon wants is to open a successful and trendy restaurant on the posh side of Naples, Florida. What he doesn't expect is to get a glamorous and feisty neighbor who keeps him on his toes, challenging him at every turn.

Upscale perfumer Lily Marlowe, just back from Paris, creates custom fragrances for Naples' elite. And the last thing she needs is the spicy aromas of Gabe's mouth-watering dishes overpowering her fragrances and turning away customers. But she doesn't expect her business rival to present her with a tempting proposition that makes her reserve falter.

The more she gets to know Gabe, the harder it is for Lily to distance herself. Their chemistry is explosive and as his tender pursuit breaks through her barriers, she grapples with an intense longing she is powerless to resist. Torn between her desire and her business, can Lily trust Gabe when the unimaginable occurs?


Grill Me, Baby - Book 1

Blame it on Romeo - Book 2 (previously Paging Dr. Hot)

Scent for Love - Book 3

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When they reached her front door, Lily took off his jacket and handed it to him reluctantly. “Thanks. I won’t be needing this anymore.”
Gabe’s gaze lowered to the front of her dress. She looked down and heat flooded her face. The damp silk molded her breasts and pebbled nipples like a second skin. He rubbed her arms, and the feel of his hard palms on her skin made her breath catch. She gazed into his midnight eyes as a spark ignited inside her. She hadn’t felt a man’s touch in a long time and suddenly ached with yearning.
He inched closer and tucked an errant strand of her hair behind her ear. “I’m sorry about your dress. I hope it isn’t ruined. Send me the dry-cleaning bill.”
“That’s not necessary,” she protested softly. She stood very still. His dark eyes pinned her with desire, and she couldn’t move an inch.
His gaze lowered to her mouth, then flickered to her eyes. She licked her lips and waited, breath suspended as her heartbeat quickened.
His fingers trailed along her jaw as he cupped it and leaned forward. “So soft,” he murmured. He kissed her cheeks and the corners of her mouth before his lips captured hers. She rose on her tiptoes to meet his kiss. He wrapped his arm around her waist and drew her forward, holding her close.
Lily’s heart thumped so loudly, she was certain he could hear it. She could barely breathe, let alone think. All she wanted was for him to kiss her again and again. She was stunned by her immediate reaction to him as her body heated with desire.
“I want to taste you,” he murmured between nibbling kisses. His tongue teased the seam of her lips, and she parted them instantly, welcoming the intimate invasion of his tongue. His kiss was gentle, but commanding. Bold, and she didn’t want to stop him. He deepened the kiss and her body went limp. She clutched his shoulders as his tongue and lips pleasured her.
“You taste sweet. Like berries and champagne.”
“Mmm,” she sighed into his mouth as the last shred of reserve melted away. “You taste like tequila. And you smell divine. Vetiver by Guerlain?” she whispered.
Surprised, he drew back and studied her eyes. “Yes, how did you guess?”
“I have a highly trained nose.”
He kissed the tip of her nose. “Do you now?”
Basking in the haze of his attraction, her lips lifted lazily. “I spent six months in Paris refining my sense of smell.”
“Among other things,” he murmured, depositing a kiss on her neck.
She shivered and pulled away. “What do you mean?”
He smiled. “I think you’re classy and beautiful.” He took her hand and placed an open-mouthed kiss in the center of her palm, sending tingles straight to her toes. She closed her eyes and moaned as a quiver wracked her.
He groaned low in his throat, a sound so raw and sexy, her eyes flew open. Blowing out a harsh breath, he released her and put some distance between them.
Frowning slightly, she stared at his mouth. “Why did you—”
“Stop?” he finished ruefully. “Because you’re tipsy, and I’d better go before I stop being a gentleman.” He pinched her chin and held her gaze. “Let me make this evening up to you.”
“How?” She held her breath.
“A real date. Have dinner with me.”

Catch Up on the Series of Standalone Romances Now!

GRILL ME, BABY (Beach Read, Book 1)

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BLAME IT ON ROMEO (Beach Read, Book 2)

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About Sophia Knightly:

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance novels, Sophia Knightly, loves to transport readers from everyday life into happily ever afters. A BookBub featured author, her modern novels feature hot alpha heroes and strong smart women and are laced with humor, international appeal and a dash of glamour.

Her popular Tropical Heat Series and Heartthrob Series books have consistently been on bestseller lists and continue to grow in readership.

Sophia is passionate about writing books that end with a sigh and a smile. She loves traveling, foodie adventures, and appreciates the arts in all forms.

One of her favorite pastimes remains simply watching people, especially those in love!

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