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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Audiobookworm Presents: Muriel Avenue Sluts by Maggie Hasbrouck; #AudiobookTour, #NowAvailable, #OutNow, #Review

Author: Maggie Hasbrouck
Narrator: Julia Farmer
Length: 10 hours 23 minutes
Publisher: No Bones Studio
Released: Mar. 16, 2018
Genre: Suspense
Rating:  4 Stars

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Maggie Hasbrouck. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

Smart, surprising, and laced with a distinctly dark edge, Muriel Avenue Sluts is a provocative and ambitious story of suspense, revenge, love, and family ties - all in the most unexpected of places.

Seventeen-year-old Julia Turnbow’s mother gets paid to have sex; that’s just how it is. When Jules turns 18, she plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps and join the exclusive world of Philadelphia’s infamous Muriel Avenue Sluts. But before all that happens, she has just one wish - to fall in love.

Just when things seem to be going her way, Jules' world is knocked off its bearings. Her best friend, Anna, reveals that she’s being abused by one of Muriel Avenue’s gentleman clients. After a routine haircut and shave, Anna’s abuser falls to his death from a second-story balcony - and Jules is just one of two people who knows exactly what happened.

To complicate matters, Jules dives head first into a friendship with the daughter of the dead man. Greta’s a train wreck: She’s charming, unpredictable, and has one too many questions about Muriel Avenue. Then, Jules puts all of Muriel Avenue at risk with an ill-timed slip of the tongue, and she finds herself wanted by the FBI. Running from everything she’s ever cared about, all Jules wants is to get back to the people she loves.

Reasons to listen to Muriel Avenue Sluts by Maggie Hasbrouck

  1. Surprises/reveals/twists right up to the end.

  1. It features a cast of strong, intelligent, complex women who are also imperfect and relatable.

  1. It tackles some of the thorniest issues of our day without preaching.

  1. A woman owned and operated high-class brothel turns out to be a very interesting and thought-provoking setting.

  1. It is dark and edgy, and it will make you laugh.

  1. It’s fast paced, unpredictable and hard to put down.

  1. It weaves the everyday worries of school, romance and trying to handle being an adult with the darker questions and situations that young people in this day and age really do face.

  1. It’s a great book-club kind of book that will challenge you to think about and look at things in a new way.

  1. It’s believable dialogue and engaging plot brought are to life by masterful narration.

  1. The ending is surprising and satisfying and leaves you wanting more.

Transplanted southerner Maggie Hasbrouck is an artist, an author, and a lover of Ferris wheels. She believes that much of our lives are spent trying to figure out the impossible riddles of love and sex. What better place to bring those issues to the surface than a brothel? Her novel, Muriel Avenue Sluts, is an edgy, coming-of-age story about a seventeen-year-old girl whose mother is a prostitute.
Hasbrouck's large-scale paintings are represented in over 200 public and private collections throughout the world, including those of Sir Elton John, Dennis Quaid, Faith Hill, Courtney Cox, and Jon Bon Jovi.


Narrator Bio

Proud member of SAG-AFTRA.

Clients include Kmart, Jack’s Pizza, Miller Lite, Eone Time, IRI, NOVA Southeastern University, and Jerdon.

Provided the voice of Sarita in The Walking Dead: Season 2 video game by Telltale Games.

Audiobook narrator with over twenty titles available via Audible.

Voice over training at Act One Studios and Acting Studio Chicago.

Improv and acting training at The Second City and iO, Chicago.


Let me say that the narrator is perfect for this book. It's not hard to picture Jules thanks to Ms. Farmer. She also makes it hard to listen to. This is not a story where a young girl is growing up and ready to spread her wings. Ms. Hasbrouck has written a sad story. It's hard to picture any of these characters being happy. I'm glad that I listened to the book because I'm afraid that I would probably have passed on reading the book.

The sadness starts with the title. It's hard to believe that a word with only five letter could make you sad but how can any woman be proud of that word. Who wants to be known as one or feel that they can't be anything else. Adding to the sadness was how Ms. Farmer read the story to us - you can hear the emotion in her voice. We have kids that are just trying to grow up in a very adult world. To be honest the story got so dark and sad that I had to stop listening and go on to listen to anything that made me smile and laugh. Am I sorry that I listened to Jules story? No. In some way this seems too real and may exist somewhere outside my safe little world. Parts just seemed so realistic and you end up wishing that Jules life could have been different.

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