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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Loving The Book Presents: Monster Mash #CountdownBlitz; #SwimSeason by #MarianneSciucco, #OutNow, #Free, #Giveaway

During swim season you can find Marianne Sciucco, a dedicated Swim Mom for ten years, at one of many Skyline Conference swim meets cheering for her daughter and her team, the Mount Saint Mary College Knights.

Marianne is not a nurse who writes but a writer who happens to be a nurse. A lover of words and books, she dreamed of becoming an author when she grew up but became a nurse to avoid poverty. She later brought her two passions together and writes about the intricate lives of people struggling with health and family issues. Her debut novel "Blue Hydrangeas," an Alzheimer’s love story, is a Kindle bestseller, IndieReader Approved, a BookWorks featured book, and a Library Journal Self-e Selection. She also has two short stories available on Kindle, "Ino's Love" and "Collection.” A native Bostonian, Marianne lives in New York’s Hudson Valley, and when not writing works as a campus nurse at a community college.

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Sometimes winning is everything. Champion swimmer Aerin Keane is ready to give up her dreams of college swimming and a shot at the Olympics. As she starts senior year in her third high school, Aerin's determined to leave her family troubles behind and be like all the other girls at Two Rivers. She's got a new image and a new attitude. She doesn’t want to win anymore. She's swimming for fun, no longer the freak who wins every race, every title, only to find herself alone. But when her desire to be just one of the girls collides with her desire to be the best Two Rivers has ever seen, will Aerin sacrifice her new friendships to break a longstanding school record that comes with a $50,000 scholarship?

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I walked on to the pool deck expecting everyone to be in the water, but was surprised to see them clustered on the bleachers, chattering as they stared at and scrolled on their phones. The door to the locker room swung shut with a whoosh, and a few of them looked up, spotting me on deck. They nudged each other, announcing my presence, and the group grew hushed. Some of the girls turned their backs.

“What’s up?” I asked, my stomach now in knots as I realized whatever captured their attention had something to do with me.

Before anyone could answer, Justin exited the boy’s locker room. He summed up the situation in a second and asked, “What’s going on?”

They just looked at each other and then down at their phones as though hypnotized.

Justin approached Mel and grabbed her phone out of her hand. He stared at the screen, scrolled down, and looked at me.

“What is it?” I asked, trembling.

He handed Mel’s phone to me. “Where’s Jordan?” he asked as I took it from him.

I forced my eyes to look at the screen, afraid of what I’d see. It was a picture of my mom, wearing an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs, standing in what looked like a courtroom. My father stood beside her. How had this gotten on Jordan’s blog?

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