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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Southern Belle Promotions Presents: Come Hell or High Water; #ReleaseBlitz, #NowAvailable, #Live, #Review

Title: Come Hell or High Water
Author: Britney King
Series: Water Trilogy #3
Release Date: April 19, 2017

Rating:  4 Stars
Told in the first person.  Alternating persons.

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received this book for review from the Southern Belle Promotions and the author.  I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review.  The opinions I have expressed are my own.  I am posting this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255:  "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising".

“I’ve been studying her for weeks. I know how she takes her coffee, the color she prefers on her nails, the way her mouth moves when she sleeps. I don’t know what she looks like when she’s happy. But I will.”

When Cheryl Steinbeck-Edwards makes the decision to get in a car with a potential contractor, meticulous hitman Jude Riley and his lovely wife Kate, it appears to be the perfect partnership. Turns out, nothing is perfect, and getting in that car was a poor choice, to say the least.

When Kate decides not to kill the woman, as she and her husband agreed, a series of events, some might even call it karma, conspire to turn their worst fears turn into reality.


My Thoughts:

This story starts with an interesting poem.  It’s that poem that sets the tone for the story.  Please take the time to read it – even if poems aren’t your thing. 

Kate seems to be speaking to the reader – gives us a sense of her thoughts and impressions.  You start off thinking that Kate is the only one that’s going to be our eyes in this bizarre tale but then Jude lets us see what his thoughts are.  The sad part is we see children are involved in the twisted life of Kate and Jude.  The sadder part is that it is something that can happen in real life – it shows how much influence a parent has over how their children behave.

This seems to be a very dysfunctional family with some really serious issues.  The bad news is that this is a very addicting tale.  You think you can put it down but two minutes later you’ve picked it up again.  I’m a fan of the show Criminal Minds and I can see this trilogy taking up the whole season.  It takes someone who is very creative that as you read their work, you can picture it fitting right in with one of your favorite programs.

It’s a very intriguing and suspenseful story that will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end.  But just like in some shows, you’re left hanging wondering what is going to come next.  You can almost hear the music playing as the ending scene fades out.  I can’t wait to see where this author takes her readers next.

I’ve been studying her for months. I know how she takes her coffee, the color she prefers on her nails, the way her mouth moves when she sleeps. I don’t know what she looks like when she’s happy. But I will.

That’s not to say I meant to keep her this long. And, of course, you, well you, never intended to keep her at all. But then, what’s done is done.

“I want you to be happy here,” I told her the first week she was here, not long after we let the drugs wear off completely.

“I don’t see how that’s possible,” she said.

“Tell me what makes you happy.”

I could see her thinking about my question; I could see that I’d set something into motion. It wasn’t immediate—most things that are truly great rarely are, but eventually her lips turned upward. Slowly, she broke out into a full-on smile, and it was like the sun coming out on a cloudy day. “He makes me happy.”

“Your husband,” I said. It wasn’t a question. Mostly because it hadn’t occurred to me that it should be.

She laughed just slightly. The smile remained. “Something like that.”

“I see,” I told her, raising my brow.

She looked at me then, really looked at me. The smile faded but her eyes lit up. “Not yet, you don’t,” she said. “But you will.”

Britney King writes modern love stories for mature audiences. She also enjoys suspense and often finds her sweet spot penning a good mixture of the two.

Britney is the author of eight novels and is currently at work on number nine.

She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, children, two dogs, one ridiculous cat and a partridge in a pear tree.


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