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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Elle Woods PR Presents: Leveling The Field by Elise Faber; #TeaserShare, #ComingSoon, #TBR, #PreOrder

Leveling The Field
by Elise Faber
releases on June 14th!
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I’d fallen for him the first time he smiled at me.

My heart was his the moment he’d complimented me on my explosives skills.

As members of KTS, a secret military group who was tasked with saving the world from the biggest and baddest of the criminal underworld, we went to places other people couldn’t, put our lives on the line when others wouldn’t.

But being a KTS agent was hell on a woman’s love life, especially when they looked like me—not petite and slender or wonderfully curved. For women like me, broad-shouldered, normal-looking, love seemed to always pass us by.

Knowing that, I put my unrequited crush of Leo aside, switched teams, and got on with my life, content in my part in taking out the bad guys.

But then Leo came back.

Then he saw me.

And I wondered if perhaps love for a “woman like me” might not be a fantasy after all.

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