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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

IndieSage PR Presents: A Dragon's Treasure by Lorelei Moone; #BlogTour, #NowAvailable, #OutNow, #TBR, #Excerpt, #Giveaway

A Dragon’s Treasure, 
A Dragon Shifter Fantasy Romance
by Lorelei Moone
Shifters of Black Isle, #3
Publication Date: November 20, 2018
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Shifters, 
Novella, Standalone


I’m a warrior. No one will tame me, except…
Rhea’s new position as general of Black Isle’s armies brings with it a whole host of challenges. The enemy is at the gates, and he’s furious. Black Isle’s defenses are weaker than she would like, so she sees only one solution: to summon their secret weapon. A creature so untamed and powerful, he has been banished to the depths of the dungeons, only to be let out in the direst of need. To ensure his cooperation, she will need to rely on more than just her combat skills…
The harder she makes it, the sweeter my victory when I claim her.
Saras has been asleep for generations. When a female voice wakes him from his slumber, he knows there’s only one way to avoid the disaster that led him to be confined to the dungeons in the first place. But she’s unwilling and instead hopes to use his considerable powers in battle against Black Isle’s enemy. But a dragon has needs and ignoring them will only end in tears; or in this case, in flames.
No matter how hard Rhea tries to deny it, the attraction between them is hard to ignore. But with the future of the Black Isles on the line, this is hardly the time for romance. Or is it? That’s the thing about playing with dragon fire; sooner or later you’re going to get burned.

A Dragon’s Treasure is the third installment in Lorelei Moone’s brand new fantasy romance series, Shifters of Black Isle. Shifters, magic and relatable characters; set in a mysterious, distant land, where anything seems possible, and yet all its inhabitants hold dear could be destroyed in an instant.




He could hear them coming from quite a distance. The footsteps echoed against the narrow shaft that led to his cell. The three doors were being unlocked, creaking and groaning as they were pushed open.
His heart was aflutter already. He'd made up his mind and was ready to leave this place. Here arrived his way out.
"You returned," he said, as his visitor appeared inside the dark cell.
Rhea looked every bit as appealing as she had the first time around. He approached her with a smile on his face.
"We have unfinished business," she said.
Saras nodded. "Where is your charming companion? The queen was not in the mood for another trip down into the bowels of the castle?"
Rhea shook her head. Her expression was so serious, so stern. "She isn't needed for this."
"Oh?" Saras asked as he reached for a lock of her dark brown hair and twisted it around his index finger. Wild, it was. Untamed.
Even her scent reminded him of windswept mountainsides and choppy seas. Fresh, yet charmingly sweet. She smelled of vast open spaces, of freedom. Basically of everything he had been missing down here.
She put up such a brave front, but she could not hide those involuntary reactions her body had when being touched. The slight dilation of her pupils, the flush in her cheeks.
As though he was the conductor, and she was the instrument.
He'd always reveled in the dance of love. It truly made the world turn. Too bad it was so difficult to find a willing partner.
"I've given your proposal some thought," she said.
"Have you?" Saras couldn't hide the amusement in his voice. The more serious her tone, the more he felt like laughing. He wasn't even quite sure why. "What proposal is that?"
"Don't make me repeat it," Rhea warned.
Her breath tickled as it hit his face. He breathed in deeply, then slowly opened his eyes again.
"Forgive me, I have been alone for a long time. I'm afraid I may have gotten carried away and said whatever rubbish came to mind. Doesn't mean I remember it all." Saras grinned. "I remember you very well, though. You've been on my mind constantly since then."
Rhea frowned. How adorable she looked when she was annoyed.
"When I asked for your assistance. To help us win this war."
Saras nodded. "Yes, yes. Not my war."
"I was going to release you, your freedom in exchange for your help," Rhea continued.
Saras waited. "And?"
"You said you'd do it for a kiss."
Saras laughed again. "That does sound like something I'd say."
"Well, did you mean it?" Rhea asked. Her face was now bright red.
"You mean you came back for a kiss? Well, this is unexpected." So far, their second meeting was going a lot better than he could have hoped.
"For you this might be a joke, but I'm deadly serious." Rhea folded her arms and tapped her foot impatiently.
"I can see that," Saras said. "You're a very serious woman, aren't you, madam General? All work and no play."
She opened her mouth in protest, then closed it again. Her heartbeat had sped up significantly, as had her breathing. She was getting angry now, which wasn't Saras' intention, but it amused him greatly anyway.
There was something about her that egged him on to keep poking and prodding, just to see how she'd react. Probably the fact that he did indeed get a reaction so easily. What were her limits? How long before she'd lose her cool completely?
Anger and passion were two sides of the same coin. She had some fire within, it was so clear to see. And he would love to see it exposed.
"So you weren't serious. You don't want to get out of here and help us fight the Sea Folk," Rhea said.
Saras cocked his head to the side. "That's not what I said."
"So what will it take?"
He reached for her, and although she flinched initially, she did not shake his hand off as it touched the side of her neck.
"Why? Why should I help you?" he whispered as he guided her face closer to his.
She had offered him a kiss. What a tempting prize. Why shouldn't he take it right now?
Her eyes fluttered shut and she just stood there. Passive. Helpless.
All their interactions so far suggested that she was the sort of woman who made sure she was always in control. This was completely out of character.
He shook his head. "No. This isn't right." Saras let go of Rhea's face and took a step back. "I won't do it."
"Why not?" she called out. He could see now that her eyes were moist. She was obviously disappointed. But it was all about the favor she wanted from him. General Rhea hadn't come back to surrender, she had come to buy his involvement in her war.
"There's no joy in it," he said and shrugged his shoulders. Her offer was empty. Soulless.
"Is that all you seek? Joy? What about duty? Do you never do anything just because it's the proper thing to do? We had an agreement!" Rhea argued.
"Duty is an entirely human construct. I have no use for it. You don't know very much about dragons, do you?" he asked.
She was still red in the face, but it was different now. This wasn't the blush of arousal, but rather of shame. He'd gone too far and embarrassed her.
That hadn't been his intention, but there was little he could do about it now.
"No, I don't. There are no dragons anymore," Rhea spoke dryly. "You're the last one."
Saras was stunned for a moment. No clever comeback or teasing comment came to him.
"That's probably for the best," he mumbled.
"Probably," Rhea agreed. "If there's nothing else I can offer you to change your mind, then there's no point in staying here and talking to you."
Saras still didn't know what to say. So he just watched as she turned around and knocked on the door.
This wasn't how this meeting should have gone. He'd gotten too excited and wanted to toy with her a bit. He wanted to test the boundaries, to uncover the real Rhea. But what he got was a shocking dose of reality he had no use for.
His second chance was about to fall apart.
"Wait," he called out.
Rhea stopped, though she kept her back turned toward him.
"Look, I'm sorry if I insulted you. I'm a bit out of practice," he said.
"A bit?" she asked.
Saras shrugged. "Fair point. A lot. For that I apologize."
"And?" she asked.
Her question puzzled him. He'd gone too far, and he'd apologized. "And, what?"
She shook her head and reached for the door again. "Sorry I asked."
He could do nothing but watch as she left him.
Alone once again. Dejected, he returned to the corner of his cell, farthest from the door. He'd been awake for a while now and all it had brought was false hope and disappointment. Best to leave this world to these new inhabitants and retreat into his dreams. At least he knew what to expect there.
It did not take him long to drift off.



Abandoned by her people, a young woman was being sent to her doom.
Kelly was going to be a prisoner; a slave. At least that’s what she thought as she waited for the mysterious giants that lived on the Black Isles to claim her. A human sacrifice, once every eight years. That’s what it took to keep mankind safe from these savages.
The human would ensure the survival of his bloodline. Whether he liked it or not.
Broc’s reign as King of the Black Isles had lasted seven years already. That was a long time to go without a queen and therefore, an heir. He knew what he had to do; to claim the human offering and make her his own.
When they met, it changed everything. A glimmer of hope, even of love, in unexpected places. But life on the Black Isles was far from simple. And there were powerful secrets, yet to be uncovered, that could change everything yet again.

Claimed by the King is the first in Lorelei Moone’s brand new fantasy romance series, Shifters of Black Isle. Shifters, magic and relatable characters; set in a mysterious, distant land, where anything seems possible, and yet all its inhabitants hold dear could be destroyed in an instant.



He’s the enemy. Our union is forbidden. That’s why I have to have him.
Liliwen has all she could wish for, yet her sheltered life as Princess under the Seas leaves her unfulfilled. She goes rogue and travels to the enemy’s territory. When she sees him, she knows he’s a rare specimen. A soldier with many a battle scar. She ought to flee… but the challenge is on. Can she chisel through his defenses and seduce the enemy? Even though she risks losing her heart, or even her life, in the process?
She’s the enemy. I ought to capture the spy and throw her in the dungeon.
Teaq, as General of Black Isle’s armies, has always led a life of all work and no play. Being passed over as his younger brother took the throne left him disgruntled and bitter. All this changes when he finds a mermaid in the waters surrounding his territory. Something about her enchants and awakens feelings in him which he never thought he’d have. A ray of hope lighting up the darkness in his heart.
Their meeting makes them rethink their allegiances. The war that has raged between their people, seems nothing more than a pointless squabble with neither beginning nor end in sight. But in a world so dangerous and fragile, beauty rarely lasts. If discovered, their love would spell the end for both of them.

The Soldier and the Siren is the second installment in Lorelei Moone’s brand new fantasy romance series, Shifters of Black Isle. Shifters, magic and relatable characters; set in a mysterious, distant land, where anything seems possible, and yet all its inhabitants hold dear could be destroyed in an instant. One-click now and find out what all the fuss is about!


Lorelei Moone is an author of paranormal / fantasy romance based in London. A lover of all things sweet, and caffeinated, when she’s not writing about sexy bear shifters and their strong-willed curvaceous love interests, Lorelei can be found baking cookies or cakes for her family.


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