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Thursday, November 15, 2018

InkSlinger PR Presents: Illicit Affairs by Brittani Mari; #BlogTour, #ExcerptTour, #NowAvailable, #OutNow, #Giveaway, #99Pennies

Today we have the blog tour for Brittani Mari’s THE ILLICIT AFFAIRS! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: The Illicit Affairs
Author: Brittani Mari 
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About The Illicit Affairs:

How many mistakes does it take to ruin you? How many lies can a person tell before you see them for who they are?

Mia Johnson blew me away in more ways than I could count. Her body. Her taste. Her need. However, her poisonous past started to affect me, and I knew what that meant–what needed to be done. Still, I was never a man who listened to reason.

This time I should have.

My name is Wesley Black, and this story may be twisted, but this woman is mine.

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"Isn't this amazing?"
I turned and noticed a green-eyed beauty walking toward me. She wore a nude bandage dress that stopped right above her thighs and flaunted her body's slight curves. She carefully looked over the chrome railing that surrounded the second floor, took a sip of the dark liquid in her glass, and motioned to the various dancers in the sections. 
"It amazes me how comfortable they are out there. They’re dancing like no one's watching them. I wish I had that type of courage." 
She ran her fingers through her long, dark hair, taking another sip of her drink.
"There's nothing to be nervous about, beautiful. When you're dancing out there, it's just you and the music. You learn to tune out everything else."
She smiled, looking over at me. "Is that so, handsome?"
The look she gave me was familiar. It was a silent invitation to continue and possibly end the night with her trembling underneath me. I had to admit, she was tempting. She reminded me of someone, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. 
"What's your name, beautiful?" 
She hesitated but finally replied, "It’s Mia."
When she extended her right hand, I noticed the wedding ring on her left. I was sure she caught my gaze, because she cautiously pulled her hand away, touching her neck in a nervous gesture. I never let a woman’s marital status stop me. Truthfully,whatever we had would end the next morning, but something kept bothering me. I just couldn't put my finger on it. Mia? The name, combined with her beautifully sculpted face, seemed familiar, but I chose to let it go. It wasn’t important.
"I’m assuming you’re here alone?" 
She turned back to face the crowd, moving to the beat of the music. I imagined she was pretending to be one of the women on the stage. She walked toward one of the couches close by, placing her drink on the table. 
"I actually came with my friend. We were on the dance floor and then she disappeared. I’m sure she’s around here somewhere." 
I took the seat next to her, motioning a waitress for a round of drinks.
“May I ask what you’re drinking?”
She gave me a soft smile. “One of my favorites, actually—Crown and Coke.”.”
I quickly informed the waitress of our choices. When she finished taking the order, I turned to face Mia on the couch. 
“I had a feeling you had good taste.”
She shrugged. “Let’s just say the people I grew up around taught me well.”
I didn’t know where the feeling surfaced from, but her comment caused me to pause for a brief second.
“I can’t argue with that, beautiful. The knowledge of good taste doesn't always come naturally. I'm assuming you—”
 She decided at that moment to place her hand on my thigh. She moved closer to where barely an inch of space was left between us and whispered into my ear. 
"Are you going to tell me your name, or should I take a wild guess?" 
I was a little disappointed when she finished her sentence. I thought she might be interested in where we could move things along, but she was proving to be a hard woman to read. I decided to play along and let the night run its course. If I didn'tsleep with her, the woman on the stage seemed interested. The rule of not sleeping with your employees wasn't one I enforced. I just tried to keep it professional during business hours—which didn’t always end up being the case. 
"It's Wesley." 
She appeared deep in thought after I answered, but eventually came around. It was as if she drifted off to somewhere else for a few seconds. 
"I might be stranded here tonight, Wes. Maybe you could take me home?"
The shorting of my name made me laugh, but I could see this woman was battling with something. What women were thinking or brave enough to say never surprised me. I assumed it was her husband. He either cheated on her or they were havingsome type of fight. I wasn’t one to pry, so I simply ignored the fact she was married. My night was starting to look up after all.
"It's still early, but let me make a quick phone call. I'm sure I can get someone to keep an eye on things if we were to leave."
She looked confused. "What do you mean? Do you work here?"
I smiled. “I’m the owner, sweetheart. Just give me a few minutes to get some things situated. It shouldn’t take too long.”

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About Brittani Mari:

Brittani Marí is a writer and reader at heart. The genres she enjoys reading and the storylines she loves to create range from a sexy romance novel to fast-paced suspense. Her typical day when she isn't knee deep in finishing a chapter of her latest creation or reading a book by one of her favorite authors consists of working her regular nine to five and hanging out with friends. The Illicit Affairs is one of her first stories she's decided to share with the world, and she hopes you enjoy every second of it.

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