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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Loving the Book Presents: The Doom of Undal by Katrina Sisowath; #Excerpt

Anyone ready for a dark fantasy?

Genre:   mythology/folktale (Quote from the publisher, "Sci-fi /fantasy/mythology/history. Think ancient aliens.") 

 The Dragon Court has ruled uncontested for millenia,  bringing knowledge and prosperity to all. The Strongholds of Madayi Kavu, Tartaria, Magan and Shiimti have trained generations of royal children. Ningi has built a line of Ziggurats known as ‘the Band of Peace’ around Magan, protecting those within its borders.

Yet all is not as it seems---far to the West in the land of Undal, mightiest of the nations, the Royal Queen and her children are struck with a mysterious illness and perish. Whispers are that the Dragon Court is responsible, while those in the Temples claimed she had sequestered herself in her chambers, experimenting with dark magic.

A grieving son, trained as a Mulla Xul by Eris herself, swears vengeance. In his quest for truth he will become the greatest threat Tiamut has ever known.

Three Princesses of Magan, sisters by blood, hold the fate of the Dragon Court in their hands.

Pick up your copy here:

Katrina Sisowath, (1979--) British-American, born in Frankfurt, Germany. Grew up in South-east Asia and Europe, now lives in England. Mother of 2.5 children (dog thinks he's human), experienced in making brownies.

On a personal level, Katrina is an avid book reader and loves mythology, history, ancient civilizations and anything to do with occult ideologies and practices. Mages, Serpent Priestesses and the 'real' Gods, aka the ANNUNAKI(the prototypes for those we know today in the form of Greek, Roman, Indian and even the Biblical characters) are all addressed on her website, with descriptions of Dragons, consciousness altering drinks and powders and what the scarlet clad priestesses really got up to in their sacred chamber. She also is a guest writer on Ancient Origins, writing about the Serpent Cult, Mystery Schools and their politico-military branches.

Find more about Katrina here:

“Forgive me,” he said tentatively, “I was here not too long ago, but don’t remember your voice. Were you the one who served me last time?” His hand brushed his hair off his forehead, bringing to her attention his lack of eyesight.
“No, I would have remembered you. You must mean Kinah.”
“Ahh, is she here? I had not enough coinage last time and I wished to repay her.”
“That sounds like something she would do.”
“I hope she was not in trouble?”
“No, she came in all a flustered a few days ago chattering about a coin she’d found under her door. Next thing you know a stranger pulled her aside and began asking questions. Well, the next day she came back and announced to us she was leaving.”
“Where was she going?”
“She didn’t say, only that she was so happy as she no longer had to worry about her brothers and sisters. They were all going to be fed and cared for. Between you and me,” the girl continued, lowering her voice, “I think she left for the Temple of Life in Magan.”
“Why do you think that?”
“I’ve seen some of the priests before—I recognised one who was in the caravan she and her family joined.”
“Then she has been rewarded for her generous heart. I wish her well.”
The girl’s expression showed what she thought of that pronouncement. Unaware the customer could see her, though barely, her face screwed up in an expression of distaste. “You might think that sir, but I’ve heard what they do at those temples, ceremonies with blood, worshipping snakes. My mother’s cousin’s wife was left a widow and accepted a place at the temple and she was never seen by our family again.”
“You don’t think your friend is in danger?”
“I don’t know, but even if she weren’t, giving blood in exchange for food and shelter just doesn’t seem fair.”
Cronous struggled not to laugh. There was no use explaining to the girl that blood was not part of the ceremonies and when it had been, her friend would have been quite safe, not possessing the lineage needed for the production of Supreme Nectar. 

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