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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Candi Kane PR Presents: Screwed Up by Harloe Rae; #ExcerptReveal, #ComingSoon, #TBR

by Harloe Rae
Release date: December 13th
Genre/Tropes: Opposites attract/
No-strings arrangement
#screwedup #harloerae #thebaysideheroes
 #oppositesatrract #nostrings #candikanepr


“Are my eyes deceiving me, or is the busy Doc Belle dropping in for a visit?” 

Larsen’s posture is stiff. Strictly business. “That depends on what you’re seeing, Beast. Reality and fantasy are vastly different.” 

I paste on a crooked smirk. “Ah, there’s the snark I was anticipating. Just as I pictured.”

She quirks a brow. “You’ve been thinking about me?” 

A grunt for confirmation. “Hard not to. We seem to cross paths rather frequently.”

“Whose fault is that?” The unflinching stare she pins on me is telling. 

“It’s very tight quarters,” I murmur. 

Her features pinch into a disbelieving frown. “We have an entire floor.” 

“Doesn’t seem that way to me.” Even now, in the open foyer, the air feels stifling. That has everything to do with my present company within reach. 

Larsen gives me a lazy once-over. “I can see why.” 

“Was that a compliment?” I shift my stance, rocking forward with the adjustment. 

Her gulp is audible. “You fill the space with your big… shoulders.” 

“The better to protect you with.” My voice drops several octaves for maximum impact.

It could be my imagination, but I swear a slight tremble ripples down her form. “You’re confusing the fairytales.” 

“Nah. I’m interchangeable, babe. You get all the heroes wrapped in one package with me.” Minus the romance and relationship. I’ll provide the carnal pleasure and let those willing to commit take my scraps. 

Larsen snorts. “Ah, I was wondering when your arrogance would make an appearance.” 

“I didn’t want to scare you off with my cock… iness too soon.” This one definitely spooks easy. 

As if to prove my point, her startled gaze leaps below my belt. She regains her composure with a cough, smoothing a steady palm over her hair. “It’s funny you should mention that…”

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“He might be wrong, but I’m tired of being right.” 

The extreme focus on my career has led to a lonely existence.

I don’t make time for much beyond the hospital walls. 

And the pressure is getting to me. 

Those who know me best highly recommend I take the edge off by any means necessary. 

As it turns out, the new security guard at Bayside Regional is just what the doctor ordered. 

Dane Owens is a disaster waiting to happen.

Maybe that’s why I can’t look away. 

He plays fast and loose with no plans of slowing down. 

Especially when it comes to dating.

We’re polar opposites, which is precisely why this arrangement is temporary.

But there’s plenty to keep us occupied until our expiration date.

All I need is for Dane to follow the rules that long.

A Bayside Heroes standalone romance.


About the Author:

Harloe Rae is a USA Today & Amazon Top 10 best-selling author. Her passion for writing and reading has taken on a whole new meaning. Each day is an unforgettable adventure.


She’s a Minnesota gal with a serious addiction to romance. There’s nothing quite like an epic happily ever after. When she’s not buried in the writing cave, Harloe can be found hanging with her hubby and kiddos. If the weather permits, she loves being lakeside or out in the country with her horses.


Harloe is the author of the Reclusive series, Watch Me Follow, the #BitterSweetHeat series, Ask Me Why, the Silo Springs series, Left for Wild, Leave Him Loved, Something Like Hate, and There’s Always Someday. These titles are available on Amazon.


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