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Monday, April 15, 2019

InkSlinger PR Presents: Needing To Love You by Erin Rylie; #BlogTour, #NowAvailable, #OutNow, #TBR, #Excerpt

Today we have the blog tour for Erin Rylie’s NEEDING TO LOVE YOU! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Author: Erin Rylie
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Needing To Love You:

Carlos Ramirez has always prided himself on two things: being damn good at his job on the Houston police force and being able to land any woman he wants. When a devastating car accident leaves him crippled and in excruciating pain, he begins to rely too heavily on his prescription painkillers. The only person who can help him heal is the only woman who has ever rejected him—and on more than one occasion. Living with Kelsey while he works through physical therapy wasn’t anything he ever expected to happen, but it might just be what he needs.

After a divorce that left her doubting her ability to love, Kelsey Byrne wants nothing to do with relationships. Unfortunately for her, the only man she could see herself loving needs a place to live and help while he recovers. She had a hard time pushing him away after a one-night stand, so how can she possibly keep him at arm’s length when he’s in her house every day, playing with her son, cooking her meals, and leaving her cute notes every morning? Carlos may be working his way into her heart one sweet gesture at a time, but can she give him everything knowing that she’s more than a little broken inside?


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She was woken up by the sound of a key turning in the front door. Groggily, Kelsey lifted her head to take in her surroundings. The credits of the movie she and Carlos had been watching were playing on the TV, and his warm, hard body was curled around hers. Momentarily forgetting about the person at her front door, she snuggled back into his warmth, his erection digging into her ass. Sleepily, he ground himself into her and kissed her neck. His kisses were slow and lazy and she could tell he was barely awake.
“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” Her brother, Dillon, stood above them on the couch, taking in the scene before him looking amused.
Carlos groaned, burying his face in her hair. “Babe, I don’t know who this is, but make him go away.”
“Hot and rude? My kind of guy. Where did you find this one, Kels?”
She elbowed Carlos gently and he took the hint, loosening his hold on her waist. “Dil, what are you doing here?”
“Well, you bitch, we had dinner plans tonight. When you didn’t show up at our usual restaurant or call me, I decided to show up and make sure you were still alive.”
She sat up and pulled down her sweater, which had ridden up above the waistband of her yoga pants. “Shit, I’m so sorry. I completely forgot.”
When she noticed her brother’s eyes lingering on Carlos, she turned around and realized that the way she’d sat up had left his lower half exposed. His very…enthusiastic lower half.
“Hellllooooo, sailor!” Dillon said, saluting Carlos’s erection. Instead of being snarky or embarrassed, Carlos sat up behind her, placing one leg on either side of her body, and wrapped an arm around her waist.
“Sorry, I was sleeping with a hot woman in my arms. It happens.”
With Carlos’s erection hidden from view, her brother took in his face, and a confused expression flitted across Dillon’s features. “Wait a minute, I know you. You sing karaoke at JR’s all the time. You’re not straight!”
“Ummm, your sister and I have been doing some very straight things together all day.”
Kelsey elbowed Carlos in the gut, earning a surprised oomph in reply.
“Okay, let’s lay this out. You come into JR’s, a well-known gay bar—”
“For karaoke, yes.”
“You put on aviators and sing that annoying as hell song from Top Gun every single week.”
“‘Danger Zone,’ yes. It’s a classic.”
“Then there was the time you sang ‘Poker Face’—”
“Hey, who doesn’t love Lady Gaga?”
“Last but not least, you introduced nearly everyone in the bar to your partner. Grumpy looking dude with blonde hair and blue eyes? Often mistaken for the long-lost Hemsworth brother?”
Kelsey laughed, burying her head in Carlos’s shoulder. Only he would be secure enough in his sexuality to walk into a gay bar and introduce his best friend as his partner. Seriously, only Carlos.
“I’m a police officer! He’s my partner on the force, not in life!”
“When you introduced him to me, you had your arm around him and called him Rafey-poo.”
Carlos shrugged. “Well, yeah, it’s a term of endearment.”
Her brother threw back his head and groaned. “Thanks a ton, asshole. I just lost a hundred-dollar bet because of you.”
“Serves you right for betting that I was gay.” Carlos shrugged.


About Erin:

I'm a Montana born, Texas raised New Jersey transplant with a degree in hospitality. At 29 years old, I decided it was finally time for me to pursue my real passion in life - writing. I've been writing princess stories and LOTR fan-fiction since I was in middle school, so the transition into romance has been fun!

When I'm not writing, I'm reading (fantasy, sci-fi and romance are my genres) or working. I'm currently obsessed with Brooklyn Nine Nine which should tell you all you need to know about my sense of humor.

Finally, I am 100% an old cat lady. My cats Socks and Kaz are little weirdos and I love them more than most people.

Connect with Erin:

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