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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Book Haven Promotions Presents: Jade by J.J. Marstead; #CoverReveal, #PreOrder, #ComingSoon


Jade: A Please Me Novella 
By JJ Marstead

My name is Jade Chase, yes it’s original, and my parents must have thought it was hilarious when they chose it. I’ve been an orphan since the age of fifteen, my parents were killed, a hit and run. I’ve been on my own really, sticking to myself, not getting close to anyone or anything. My senior year was a blast, was the only good thing that happened in my life since my parents died. David Sparks, or as everyone else in school would call him Mr. Sparks ‘our Bio teacher’ was the life changing change I needed. All the girls wanted him and I got him. My rule is: No strings attached sex, Do NOT get attached, NO relationships. Five years later, here I am stripping… ‘Angel’ they call me on stage, but I’m anything but an angel. And boom my life gets put in a blender when Jared walks through those club doors. I never thought I would have to see the likes of him again, he saved me he says, and he helped me he says. Well, he can shove his arrogant ass out the door. But little did I know, he’s here to stay and there’s not a fucking thing I can do about it. Two sexy ass guy’s in my life and I’m torn about what the fuck to do. There’s David… Then there’s Jared. Who do I choose? Or can I have both? Does that make me selfish? Maybe it does but I can't help it.


Lover boy, you want to come over here and show me what you got? Or are you going to leave a good little girl like me go unpleased?” he grins and his mood lightens. 
He jumps on me, stripping me bare of all my clothes, as soon as his head disappears between my legs, I’m in heaven. The swipes from his tongue outlining my clit, then he moves his tongue from my clit moving it up and down my slit, its pure ecstasy. 
“Yes, like that. Fuck that feels so good,” my voice comes out breathlessly. 
He continues his assault on my clit but he adds two fingers, hooking them up as he shoves them into my wet pussy, hitting my sweet spot that makes me squeal out. He leans back on his knees and gets up off the bed, taking his clothes off, flinging them anywhere; he looks down at me with a lustful look then shoves his fingers back into my pussy.
“Do you like that, you naughty girl, do you want my hard cock shoved into that tight pussy of yours?” Fucking hell, that’s hot when he talks to me like that, it gets me so worked up. My pussy pulses. I’m sure I’m leaking from his words alone.
“Yes, give it to me,” my voice full with need.

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Author Bio:

J.J. Marstead lives in a quiet little town in Quebec, Canada.  She is originally from a small Island in Canada called ‘Prince Edward Island’.
J.J. Marstead is the pen name; she wanted to have a pen name because it seemed pretty awesome.  Her real name is Jessica Martell, and no she is not ashamed of writing.  She loves to read and now she has taken up writing as a new adventure.
She’s a stay at home mom, so she has plenty of time to think of naughty things to write.  Married to the love of her life of nine years, they have a lovely daughter who is seven years old,
and they have two dogs, full house.

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