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Monday, April 9, 2018

#ReleaseBlitz: Havoc by Debra Anastasia; #NowAvailable, #OutNow, #Live, #99Pennies, #LimitedTime, #Review, #Giveaway

Animal told you to stay ready. And you did. He’s here for you, sweetness.

The sexy best friend from MERCY has his own STAND ALONE Romantic Suspense novel.

He’s coming at you, Sweetness. Stay ready.

Rating:  4.5 Stars
Told in the first person.  Alternating persons.

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received this book for review from the author.  I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review.  The opinions I have expressed are my own.  I am posting this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255:  "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising".


I named myself. I took the word Animal out of their mouths, wore it like a badge of honor then shoved it down their throats. I’ve fought for what I have. I see you coming, before you even know you want a piece of me. In a city riddled with warring families, I’ll rise up between them. My people, the broken souls I gather will have power by the time I’m done with them.

I protect mine.

Him. My brother, Nix.

Her. The girl that is the only home I’ve ever had. She knows me.

I’m coming at you, Sweetness. Stay ready.

Please enjoy the very short .99¢ release price. It will go up soon.

It's ****FREE****in Kindle Unlimited.

My Thoughts:

Animal “Havoc” Winters needs to show others the power he has.  But he also has a heart.  Talon “T” Devora was an interesting young woman.  We get to see her grow up but it wasn’t an easy road – for either of them.  She learned to use her resourcefulness to her advantage.

Don’t go into this book expecting a lot of romance.  This is a book with raw emotion.  We have two people that had to practically grow up over night.  They became both parent and child.  But with everything they had to deal with growing up they looked out for each other.  One uses their physicality to protect those that can’t protect themselves.  One may seem quiet but still seems to know all.

As you start the book you start to see a darkness set in that just seems to get darker as the story progresses.  It’s more sad than happy or romantic.  We have a man who had to bury his feelings since he was young and a woman who always seems to be standing on the outside looking in.  If you read this story “T” lets you know early on about how she feels.  She has to put up with a lot just to be with the person she loves.  It’s very hard to see that being reciprocated and when the time came the first thing you think “how long is it going to last?”.  This is not a story where you can put yourself in these character’s shoes.

It’s not a story like any I’ve read before.  It’s a story where you really feel sorry for the main characters but I was more sorry for “T”.  She didn’t deserve to be treated as she was – by the adults that were in her life when she was young and by Animal.  Animal may not be a character to feel sorry for but you have to.  He knows what he’s doing is wrong but he still does it.  No woman deserves the treatment that “T” got but she still stayed loyal to him.  What I couldn’t understand was how he could just flip a switch where she was concerned.  But the author knew what she was doing because I continually sat there turning the page just to see what was coming next.  And knowing she’s got more in store for us with her next book – happy dance.  Now I just have to go back and read Mercy and I’ll be all set.


“I love this story. Just like MERCY it's unconventional and different, and such an incredibly special tale of loss, love and hope.” Helena Hunting NYT Bestseller

“Animal and T individually were great characters. Their strength, their power, their loyalty. Animal was a magnetic personality and T was a total bada**. But together they were... Everything.” Nerdy, Dirty and Flirty Book Blog

“Fast-paced and unpredictable, Debra Anastasia wreaked havoc on my heart in the best way possible. Havoc is suspenseful, hot, and fearless–a total must read!” - Steph Nuss, author of the Love in the City series

Havoc blew my mind! T blew my mind. This book was raw, beautiful, and a forever recommendation from me. -- Tijan NYT Bestselling author


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About the Author:

Debra lives in Maryland with her two kids, husband of twenty years and two dogs. The king of the house is clearly the tuxedo cat that is the size of a small donkey. Find about her latest adventures on


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