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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

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Clockwork Igni
Christina Bauer
(Angelbound Origins, #9)
Publication date: September 21st 2021
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

As Queen of Antrum, I rule an underground realm of demon hunters who love finding new caves. Hey, it’s boring down here; I’m glad they all have a hobby. Per usual, I try to act interested about their latest discovery, but all I hear is blah blah blah new cavern blah blah blah Forbidden Tombs blah blah blah massive bronze pyramids blah blah blah creepy ticking sounds. It’s a little odd, but I’m not worried.

My bad.

Suddenly, the Forbidden Tombs burst through the ground in my home realm of Purgatory. Bronze pyramids smash through abandoned buildings and highways, making rush hour a nightmare. Even worse, the metal structures attract tiny lightning bolts called igni, which are my very special supernatural buddies. Within minutes, every last igni gets stolen away.

Now. I’m. Pissed.

Whoever hides inside those pyramids? Time to dust off your mummies and shine up your sarcophagi. Because my husband, Lincoln, and I are breaking in and kicking ass.

Angelbound Origins
In which Myla Lewis kicks ass and takes names. Nuff said.
1. Angelbound
2. Scala
3. Acca
4. Thrax
5. The Dark Lands
6. The Brutal Time
7. Armageddon
8. Quasi Redux
9. Clockwork Igni

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Scala Heir



I’ve got plans, people.

And I’ll make them happen. It all starts by wearing armor to breakfast.

Mom eyes me closely. “You’re wearing your father’s old leathers.”

“G gave them to me.” That’s G as in Grandmother Octavia. She’s Dad’s mother and way awesome. “It’s comfy.”

“Planning anything else in that outfit?”

I bob my brows. “I don’t know. Am I?”

Of course, I’m scheming here. I want to start holding demon patrol-style inspections with my crew. I’ve tried straight-on asking, but that always gets a fast no from my parents. This morning, I’m mixing it up. I figure having the visual of me in Dad’s leathers would help connect the dots.

Mom’s words echo through me.

Planning anything else in that outfit?

It’s a good question, too. My parents know that when I sneak off to do battle stuff, I always bring along a few magical charms. So they rigged the house with detection wards. If I hide anything supernatural in my pocket, then my parents see the hidden stuff as glowing with purple light.

“Let’s see.” Mom eyes me carefully. “You’re clean. No charms.” She winks. “But I can still tell you’re up to something, my very young and evil genius.”

I get the evil genius thing a lot. It’s because I’m a supernatural being called the Scala Heir. Magic makes me bigger and smarter than anyone else my age. It doesn’t suck.

Mom resets her coffee mug on the table with a thunk. “What is it?”

And there it is. I’ve gotten Mom’s interest. Time to tell the truth. She’s as softened up as she’ll get. “I found a new place for my crew to run safety inspections.”

Thrax warriors lead demon patrols on the Earth’s surface. I want to lead a patrol team so badly, it’s an ache inside my soul. But my parents hate the idea. So I’ve been pushing for inspections instead. Demon patrols are basically the human’s navy SEALS; inspectors are more like mall cops. Still, I’ll take it.

Mom nods slowly. She isn’t saying no yet. Good. “Who’s we?” she asks.

“My regular thrax crew. Ty, Uther, Raj, and Zee.” These are kids I’ve known since I was little. Good guys.

Mom tilts her head. She’s still considering. Then she sighs. “We’ve discussed this before. No safety inspections until you’re sixteen. That’s the thrax way.”

“I can handle it.” I mix up some oats and water in a bowl. “Here, I’ll show you.”

Mom’s the Great Scala. I’m the Scala Heir. While Mom wields igni, I control lightning. Raising my arms, I tap into flow of electricity that constantly moves inside me. Then I zap my breakfast with a trio of mini lightning bolts. The oatmeal goes from a cold to a steaming-hot. Turning, I look to Mom. “See? I’m ready for anything.”

And I am.

Author Bio:

Christina Bauer thinks that fantasy books are like bacon: they just make life better. All of which is why she writes romance novels that feature demons, dragons, wizards, witches, elves, elementals, and a bunch of random stuff that she brainstorms while riding the Boston T. Oh, and she includes lots of humor and kick-ass chicks, too.

Christina graduated from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with BA’s in English along with Television, Radio, and Film Production. She lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and semi-insane golden retriever, Ruby.

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