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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Give Me Books Presents: The Wife Breaker by Isabella Starling & Kendall Hawkins; #ReleaseBlitz, #NowAvailable, #OutNow, #TBR, #Live

Title: The Wife Breaker
Series: Dark Vows Duet #1
Authors: Isabella Starling & Kendall Hawkins
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: September 15, 2021
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They call him The Wife Breaker, and I'm his next victim.

He's the man the rich, corrupted members of the cartel send their wives to.

Using cruel, twisted methods to make women obey, the man is as monstrous as the cartel kingpin I was forced to marry.

He's the mysterious man who breaks and molds women into the perfect meek companions for their husbands.

But I'm not going down without a fight.

It took my husband eight years to realize he couldn't break me.

There's no way some stranger who knows nothing about me can get inside my head and twist me into something I'm not.

I'll never pledge my submission to anyone, let alone a man who prides himself on cruelly breaking others.

The Wife Breaker will never make me obey.

I'd rather die than kneel for him.

The Wife Breaker is the first book of the Dark Vows duet. It is not a standalone book.



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I push my fingers between my legs, softly brushing my pussy. I’ve been waxed since I got here, and my pussy is bare save for a line of dark blonde hairs. The woman who did it told me Heath liked it this way, making me think of how many other women she’d said that to.
And yet I can’t keep my mind off Heath as my fingertips start gently massaging my clit into an orgasm. I only remember Heath’s rule when I’m edging close.
He told me I wasn’t allowed to come while I was here. At least not without his permission.
My fingers slip away from my pussy and I groan, not sure whether I can willingly break Heath’s rules, even if he never finds out about it.
I’ll be thinking about him, anyway. So does it really matter?
Hesitantly, my fingers find their way back to my swollen clit. I shut my eyes and ignore the blare of my internal alarm. I know this is wrong, but I can’t help myself. Every circle my fingertips trace around my clit gets me closer until I’m gasping for the release he doesn’t want me to have.
And it’s unfair. Really fucking unfair. He gets to come all he wants, but not me. Not even when I’m humiliating myself by getting off to the thought of my captor. For that alone, I should let myself have this orgasm.
I press my fingers into my cunt stubbornly. A smile tugs on the corners of my lips as I fuck my wet hole. Every thrust of my three fingers feels invasive, making me gasp aloud. If I close my eyes tightly enough, I can almost feel him next to me. Watching me. His eyes sliding over my body as I debase myself for him.
I can almost imagine him watching me now, his hand sliding behind his belt to feel the growing thickness in his boxers, the one only I can evoke.
Despite wanting to deny it, we both know there’s something tethering us together - a string that neither of us will sever.
I’m getting dangerously close, my body arching and my lips parting to allow whispers to float from my mouth. I’m so desperate my vision is narrowing and I’m feeling the orgasm erupt from within me.
My lips pucker into a moan, and my hips arch off the bed. I aim my fingers just right, desperately licking my other hand and pressing it to my clit. I’m so close. So fucking close I can feel myself throbbing before it even happens.
I could stop right now.
I should stop right now.
I don’t.
The first scream rips itself from my lips just as a hand wraps around my throat and another forces my hand off my pussy.
“Heath,” I wheeze through his fingers clenched around my neck.
His name dies on my lips, along with my breath. I struggle against him when another wave of my orgasm hits me hard. I flail, falling back on the bed and moaning his name again.
“What the hell, Goldilocks?”
There’s that nickname again. The one that used to make me weak all those years ago.
He doesn’t let go of me, but his fingers loosen their grip as I struggle to breathe. I inhale deeply, clawing at him to get him off, but to no avail.
“Did you just come without permission?”
“N-No,” I whisper, finally pushing him off.
“You did, you little slut.”
His eyes look wild. I wonder if this has something to do with the white powder I saw him using in his study. I thrash on the bed, trying to get away, but he grabs me by the hips and pulls me back as I squirm.
“You’re not going anywhere,” he tells me. “Not before I teach you a lesson. And just for disobeying me, you can kiss your orgasms goodbye for a full month.”


A #FREE prequel!



Releasing September 30



USA Today bestselling author Isabella Starling describes her books with three words: dark, dirty and forbidden.


Kendall Hawkins is an emerging author of heart-twisting romance.

Embracing her dark side brought Kendall to write dark romance that leaves you breathless. Since she was a little girl, Kendall has cheered for the villain to get the girl, loved the dark side and adored shocking plot twists. Now, her love of enticing stories fills her days with villainous heroes and the passionate women they love.

Kendall spends her time writing, sculpting and creating in any way she can. Addicted to art, Kendall continues to pour her talents out on any medium available - be it a blank page, a canvas or modelling clay.

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