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Friday, March 30, 2012

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Deadly Stillwater Roger Stelljes - Mystery
Night Of The Assassin Russell Blake - Suspense
The Harvest Scott Nicholson - Thriller
Grid Detective Kindle Game
The Gateway Glen G. Thater - Epic Fantasy
Where Love Once Lived Sidney W. Frost - Christian Romance
Sealed Correspondence Richard Rudomanski - Mystery/Suspense
Out Of The Limelight  James Bagworth - Historical Mystery
The Black God's War Moses Siregar III - Epic Fantasy
Whale Song Cheryl Kaye Tardiff - Literary Fiction
Daughter Of Time Sarah Woodbury - Time Travel Romance
Flowers  Scott Nicholson - Paranormal/Fantasy
Finding Drake  Jeffrey Scott - Young Adult/Christian Fiction
Millie's Rose  Donna Sturgeon - Romance
A Place Beyond The Map  Samuel Thews - Middle Grade Fantasy
Creative Spirit  Scott Nicholson - Thriller
Mallory Ridge  Deb Kemper - Christian Romance/Adventure
Where Darkness Dwells  Glen Krisch - Horror/Historical Fiction
Finding Emma  Steena Holmes - Women's Fiction
The End Of Marking Time  CJ West - Thriller
Mending Fences  Lucy Francis - Contemporary Romance
Lonely Is The Soldier  Jeffry S. Hepple - Military Fiction
Alone  Marissa Farrar - Urban Fantasy
Gnit-Wit Gnipper  TJ Lantz - Children's Book
Running Of The Bulls  Christopher Smith - Thriller
My Dead Boyfriend  Barbara Rose - Young Adult/Paranormal
The Forsaken  Estevan Vega - Psycological Thriller
Sacrifice Alexandrea Weis - Romantic Suspense
Susanna And The Spy  Anna Elliot - Cozy Mystery
Scott Nicholson Library - Vol. 3  Scott Nicholson - Horror, Paranormal, Mystery
The Vital Principle  Amy Corwin - Historical Mystery
How To Milk A DinaCow  Ian Sands - Children's Book
Gabriel's Angel  Cynthia Thomason - Historical Romance
Psion Beta  Jacob Gowans - Young Adult/Science Fiction
Her Man Flint  Jerri Drennen - Romantic Suspense
The Voice Of Waterfalls  Natasha A. Salnikova - Supernatural Thriller
Driving Me Nuts  PJ Jones - Adventure/Dark Comedy
The Man Who Crossed Worlds  Chris Strange - Urban Fantasy/Noir
My Bunny Ran Away  Vincent Cornell - Children's Books
The Emperor's Edge  Lindsay Buroker - Historical Fantasy
Box Set: The Arrington Trilogy  Roxane Tepfer Sanford - Historical Fiction/Family Saga
Red Ivy Afternoon  Mark Brand - Science Fiction/Literary Fiction
Kidnap  Murray McDonald - Suspense Thriller
River Song  Sharon Ihle - Historical Romance
While The Savage Sleeps  Andrew E. Kaufman - Horror/Thriller
Family Magic  Patti Larsen - Young Adult/Paranormal
Sterling Redmond  Kim Nathan - Historical Romance
The Land Grant  Brian Edwards - Contemporary Fiction/Satire
White Seed  Paul Clayton - Historical Fiction
Away From Whipplethorn  AW Hartoin - Middle Grade Fantasy
The Lives Of Jon McCracken  Aileen Fish - Paranormal Romance
Iron Branch  Kelby Ouchley - Historical Fiction
Scriber  Ben S. Dobson - Epic Fantasy
Human Sister  Jim Bainbridge - Science Fiction/Literary Fiction
The Rainforest  Victor W. Hwang & Greg Horowitt - Business/Economic

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  1. Sealed Correspondence by Rick Rudomanski has all the elements of an old fashion classic read....a villain, an ice queen, a missing piece of's a who done it with a twist at the end. Once I started reading it, it grabbed my curiosity and off I went to the finish line. The finish line, by the way, was worth getting to.
    I especially liked getting bits and pieces of history along the way although I'm still not sure what's real and what's the author's imagination.
    I enjoyed this book.


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