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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Enchanted Destiny by Rayka Mennen

Main Characters:  Jake Taggert, contractor and single father.  Katherine Richetti, business woman with magical abilities.  Setting:  Halloween time.  This is perfect since Kat is a witch.
Kat and Jake meet as destiny comes calling.  Kat, of course, doesn't want it - bad timing.  She goes to talk to her Nonna and comes back to find someone on her porch.  Rayka gives Kat a conscience and she tells Jake what is going on.  But Rayka makes him a typical male, he doesn't believe her.  It's funny to watch Jake's confusion as to what he is going to do about Kat.
Jake is also intrigued by her.  I love how Rayka makes Jake a man who is also shy.  He also finds Kat a little quirky.  But, just like most men, he can't accept what cannot be explained logically.  Our author is good.  She puts a little "wrench" in the picture, an ex-wife (and as you read you will get to see why).
Then we get to see their first kiss.  For those that love romance, the kiss starts off sweet and then explodes from there.  But then of course they come to their senses.
Rayka also gives the reader a nice family moment when Kat meets Jake's son for the first time.  Rayka also includes another tender moment between our love birds.  It starts out very innocently and then heats up pretty quickly.  Then we see one of those perfect timing moments and it's one that you can just picture happening.
The first sex scene fits in perfectly - our author doesn't force it to happen.  What I love about this story is that even though it is short, the sex scenes don't take over.  And Jake, being our typical male, has to screw things up.  Rayka did not create anything that didn't seem believable.  Just like in real life, the parents get involved and try to fix things.
Rayka has two minor characters - Gina and Eric.  Their story will be out in December.  You will not want to miss this sequel.
I give "Enchanted Destiny" 4 stars (only because I wanted to read more).  It will be interesting to see if Jake and Kat make a reappearance in "Enchanted Desire".

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