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Saturday, September 24, 2011

"IOU Sex"

This book is by Calista Fox and published by Carina Press.  It is an e-book that came out on August 1, 2011.

Main Characters:  Fiona Carlisle, jilted by her fiance for her sister.  Michael Houston, playboy photographer and Fiona's rebound fling.
This is a book that is written in the first person.  The reader can get a sense of what it's like to be in Fiona's shoes.  Fiona begins her story by thinking about her sister's engagement party.  In order for her to make it through the party, where her ex-fiance (of course) will also be attending, she has decided to ask Michael to go with her.
Michael is definitely the ultimate bad boy.  Michael has been very persistent about sleeping with Fiona after that brief fling.  Just like all good romance novels, the female character doesn't want a repeat because she is afraid how it will affect her.
You have to love the descriptions that Calista uses.  The reader can just imagine how vindictive Fiona's little sister is.  You also have to sympathize with Fiona.  No one deserves to be treated the way she was.  But Calista also makes Fiona a strong independent woman.
When Fiona goes to see Michael to ask him a favor, you can just about see the electricity that is created between the two of them.  If I was reading a paperback, instead of an e-reader, I'd have to use the fire extinguisher to put the flames out.  Calista creates some really "hot" scenes.
Like every good erotic romance, you go over to ask a guy a favor and instead things get out of control and you have some very heavy petting.  But the girl comes to her senses at the last-minute and puts a stop to it.  No one wants to get burned twice.  Then the reader finds out how the book got its title.
One thing I like about Michael is he never quits when he wants something.  And what he wants is Fiona.  With Calista's way with words, the reader can tell how much Michael cherishes Fiona.  This is the type of erotic romance that I love to read - so hot you can't put it down.  The sex scenes are pure steam and no place is off-limits when making love.  Calista makes her sex scenes a natural progression of their love for each other.
Michael is Fiona's strongest supporter.  Fiona fights their connection but I don't think she realizes what a strong couple they really are.  Michael certainly knows how to take care of a woman.
Calista also does a great job with Fiona.  When it comes time for the engagement party, the reader has to cheer Fiona on.  We see how both vulnerable and strong she is.  Calista writes the type of book that you want to read again and again.
One thing I loved about this book is that there aren't a lot of pages.  This forces the author to keep the scenes short and to the point.  We don't feel that the scenes drag on forever before getting to the point.  If that did happen, the book wouldn't flow as well as it did.  Plus, I don't know that I would have liked it as well.
I give this book 4 1/2 stars.

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