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Friday, October 14, 2011

Falke's Captive by Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton

This is book two in the "Puma Nights" series.
Main Characters:  Beth Coldwell is a graduate student looking for some big cats.  Kelan and Reidar Falke are brothers with a family secret.
We also have minor characters:  The rest of the Falke's family - younger brothers; Sindre and Torsten, younger sister; Heidi (ironically she is a veterinarian), and older brothers; Axel and Gunnar along with their woman Dakota (their story is in book one titled "Falke's Peak").  Tim another grad student working along side of Beth and Professor Whitmore who oversees the research project.
Our story opens with the brothers at their favorite place in Leavenworth - the Tap 'n Tine.  Then they see Beth walk in.  The purpose for Beth being in town is because of a research project.  We see that it's lust at first sight for the brothers.  And it seems that the feeling is mutual.  Our authors give us the typical bar scene - Kelan starts hitting on Beth.  Then she gets an eyeful of Reidar.
We see that while Beth is out in the woods she shoots a big "cat" with a tranquilizer dart.  But not everything is as it seems.  She has also tagged and implanted a microchip into the cat.  Later we see her trying to track the puma which leads her to the Falke family store.
Our authors give the reader a BDSM scene between Beth and the brothers.  It's not something that is over-the-top but fits in very well into the story line.  Reidar can feel their connection right away but Kelan fights it.  Their connection grows as the story continues.  I love how our authors add in funny moments when the brothers and Beth interact with one another.
Then we finally get to meet the professor in charge of Beth's research project.  His actions are questionable.  This adds a little suspense to the story.
Madison and Anna have the brothers acting like spies when they go after something that Beth has and they want.  It's funny to see how the brother's minds work - one thinking of their future with Beth while the other is trying to make it go away.
This story reminds me of the romantic suspense movies I sometimes watch.  It was also interesting to see my feelings about the interactions between humans and wild animals written into the story.  This gives the reader another connection to the story. 
At one point Beth feels betrayed and you have to sympathize with her.  But her anger is short-lived (some of which could be because this story is short).  You have to wonder that if the story had been longer if things might have been a little different.
Spoiler alert:  Our authors made Beth out to be honorable.  But if you are willing to alter test results how honorable can you be.  In Beth's defense I will say that it was done out of love - but still, honor is honor.
Getting toward the end of the story, Madison and Anna give us an action scene fit for a movie - the good guys are here to save the day
You will find that you don't want to put this story down.  If you love shape shifter romances, you will want to read this book.  If you haven't read the first book, and you liked this one, I would suggest putting it on your must read list.
You don't need to in order to understand this book but if you want to know more about the older brother's story, you will want to check out "Falke's Peak".  I'm looking forward to seeing if they continue the series.  I want to know what happens with the younger brothers and their sister Heidi.
Overall, I give this book 4 stars.

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