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Friday, June 22, 2012

Love's Captive by Myra Nour

Volarn Chronicles, Book 1
CreateSpace (paperback); New Concepts Publishing (e-book)
Published:  May 05, 2012 (paperback); May 03, 2012 (e-book)
524 pages (paperback); 565KB (e-book)
Rating:  4 ½ stars

Serena is a female wrestler.  She’s finished with her match and is in the parking lot waiting for her car to be returned.  And then our adventure begins.

Serena wakes to find she’s been kidnapped.  Nicole is in the room with her.  They are also sporting a new piece of jewelry.  The scenario reminds me of “Star Trek”.  Women from Earth have been kidnapped by flesh merchants and are on their way to Volarn.

At Volarn, they are made ready in a castle.  Overseeing the festivities is King Rhamus.  And then he sees her.  He looks at his sister, Kasha.  Their women warriors are called Getras.  During the women’s first meeting with the King, Nicole shows a little spunk and sticks up for herself.

Rhamus and Serena seem to have an instant connection that heats up the pages.  Their sexual attraction grows stronger the longer they are in each other’s company.  With the heat between the two, I’ll have to be careful that my e-reader doesn’t burn out.

I have to give Myra kudos for coming up with a new world and the words that are not part of our language.  It must be difficult to keep it all straight but she doesn’t seem to have that problem.  As I continue to read, I have pictures in my mind of what Rhamus and Serena look like.  I can picture Rhamus as Ares and Serena as Xena, except with red hair, from the “Xena” series.  Serena acts like a warrior princess trying to protect her women.  She’ll do anything to make sure that they’re happy. 

We see that as Rhamus and Serena get to know each other, they are also teaching each other about their respective cultures.  They’re also learning that there is give and take on both sides.  We also get a good lesson that even though we may be different, including cultures, we should all try to get along.  As a society we know that kidnapping is wrong, but you have to understand the pressure that Rhamus is under.  We also see how things can look differently when they are taken away from us.

Myra gives us a world that sounds exotic with strange animals and interesting flora.  She also shows how barbaric the same world can be.  If we were thrust into that same world, would we be able to survive?  Would we be able to acclimate to our surroundings? 

As I get to the end of this book, I’m left wanting to know more about Volarn.  Is there a story for Kasha?  You will not be disappointed.   Kasha’s story, “Heart of the Dragon”, will be coming out in June.  Now I need to know if there will be a book three.  Will Jarvic find his love?  We get hints at the end of Rhamus’ story.

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