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Sunday, June 3, 2012

“Wicked Allure” by Leslie C. Megahey and Shirley H. Ferdinand

Published:  March 20, 2012 (paperback); April 06, 2012 (e-book)
ISBN:  9781475010800 (paperback)
280 pages (paperback); 391KB (e-book)
Rating:  4 stars

Zachary Steele likes his coke – and I don’t mean the soda.  And he’s mixed it with scotch.  Madigan is next to him in bed.  Madigan DeLeon is an exotic looking beauty.  At one point, Zach hurt her and pushed her away.  In his drug induced mind, he doesn’t know what is real and what isn’t.  He thinks Madi is a fantasy.  And later on they will learn that there are always consequences for their actions.

Madi’s sisters end up in the room and one of them gives the hint that someone else may have been the one to keep her and Zach apart.  She has a great job – she’s a junior vice president of development at a multimedia company.  Madi’s mother, Karolyn, seems like a controlling bitch.  Besides controlling her daughters, she also took controlling interest in Zach’s company.

And then Karolyn springs a surprise on Madi.  This leaves Madi questioning what she should do.  Even her sisters get involved in her life.  I guess I should be grateful that I only have brothers.  They wouldn’t dare sticking their noses in where they don’t belong.  Karolyn also likes to torture those around her.

Leslie and Shirley do a great job of creating Karolyn’s character – she’s pure evil on two legs.  They also make Madi sound like pure sex in stiletto knee-high boots.  Karolyn seems to be the puppeteer and she holds all the strings. I can definitely say that she is one of my least favorite characters. But isn’t that what Leslie and Shirley want?  It means you are involved in what is going on in the book.

One reoccurring theme is the past between Zach and Madi.  I understand it made them who they are now but I have to wonder how many times it will keep coming up.  Do we really need to hear about it over and over?  That was my only negative thing about the whole story.  Although that is also what brings them back together.

We then find out how the book got its title.  If our writing team ever decide to make this the start of a series, I hope we will hear more about the business that Madi and Zach start.  I’d love to know more about what people do there.

I found it funny that while reading a scene where Zach is at the business, the song “The Cheater” sung by Bob Kuban came on.  It was then followed up by “Tears on my pillow”  by Little Anthony and the Imperials.  It couldn’t have been planned any better.

At the beginning of this story, upon meeting Zach’s brother Dakota I didn’t think he was all that smart.  But then there is a point where the two of them have a serious discussion and he gives Zach some very sound advice – I was very impressed.  And I can say the same about this book.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the love story of Zach and Madi.  And I was also impressed that our mother and daughter writing team didn’t change the mother character.  She was a bitch at the beginning of the story and she was that same at the end.  

This may have some explicit language in it but not enough to offend anyone.  And the sex scenes – hot!  You now have a choice to make.  Which would you prefer, paperback or e-book copy - tough choice.

I have included the book's trailer in the hopes you will watch and it will pique your interest even more.

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