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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Inappropriate Thoughts by Ian Dalton

Book 1 in the “Victoria Wilde” Series
430 KB/231 pages
Rating:  4 stars

Jillian Grayson is seen in bed with her laptop.  She’s an author who’s trying to write a story.  Like a lot of authors, she has a pen name.  She also has a son that is currently away at college.

Victoria Wilde is a friend of Jillian’s.  Jillian is having a problem with writer’s block and calls Victoria for some help.  My impression of Victoria is one wild cougar.  I will say that I thought I would see more of her in this book since it is her series.

Robert Grayson is having a Super Bowl party in his college dorm.  Rob’s friend, and roommate, Brian is intrigued by one of the young women, Natalie, at the party.  He hasn’t known her very long but feels that she could be the one.  Now do you remember your college days?  How many of the college hook-ups lasted?

Jillian goes out on a date that can we say was interesting.  It makes you wonder where this guy came from.  She then goes on another date and he’s not too far behind from the previous date.  We have to wonder if her date “picker” is off.  Will she every find someone to share her life with?  Well, you’ll just have to read the story to find out.

Brian’s relationship with Natalie is sweet.  But it leaves us wanting to know if they will be taking the next step in this relationship.  But then Spring Break comes up.  And things always seem to change on Spring Break.

Rob has invited Brian to come home with him during Spring Break.  It’s a most interesting time.  One I never saw coming but probably should have given the title of this story.  As Brian meets Victoria, you have to laugh at his impression.  And then he meets Jillian.

Ian has definitely given us a “cougar” story.  I do think, however, that not just women are going to want to read this story.  First impression I got was this was a college guy’s wet dream come to life.  Of course, they wouldn’t admit that they even read a story like this.  Ian gives us more of an erotic tale than one of romance.  Women, it may even give you some ideas if you are an older single woman who doesn’t look half bad.

As I read the story, I even forgot that this was written by a man.  There have been some books that I have tried to read that were written by men and they just didn’t hold my attention.  Ian made me want to break out the fan so that I could cool down from getting so hot.  Would I read more of his work?  Yes I would.  But now it’s up to you to decide if you feel the same way.

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