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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Consent to Love by Abby Wood

Book 2 in her “Western” Series
ISBN:  9781426893551
306 KB/114 pages
Rating:  4 ½ stars

Ana Reynold’s seen drooling over a very handsome man.  He’s certainly left quite an impression.  His name is Howahkan – Kane.  He lives on the reservation.  He seems to be flirting with Ana.  We find out that he’s older than her and he speaks his mind.  The attraction is instantaneous and very mutual.

Kane takes her out to the reservation and the pages start to burn from the heat.  Even though this is a contemporary love story, I could picture Ana and Kane in the Old West.  The perfect actor to play Kane would be Clint Walker – perfect height and that sexy voice.  He was an actor that was around as I was growing up.  Who would you pick to play Kane?  Who would be his Ana?

Kane also knows how to treat a woman – the pleasure comes through the pages.  Abby’s story shows that certain prejudices still exist today.  As for the sex, they’re a very adventurous couple – willing to try anything, anywhere.  This is what makes our story erotic.  I have not read Abby’s first western “Consent to the Cowboy”.  But after reading “Consent to Love”, I will have to see what type of fun she gave Daphne Norris.  Daphne happens to work with Ana.

If you haven’t read “Consent to the Cowboy” after reading this current book you will also want to go back and read the first book.  Abby has a way at making a western a hot read.  It makes me wish that I had played cowboys and Indians more when I was growing up.  Thank you Abby, for introducing me to Kane and Ana.  And also reminding me of how much I loved to watch “Cheyenne” growing up.

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