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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

InkSlinger PR Presents: Laguna Sights by Kaira Rouda; #BlogTour, #Excerpt

Laguna Sights by Kaira Rouda is on sale NOW!
New adult contemporary romance (standalone)


Is the price of fame the chance at true love?

Scott Cassidy has lived a blessed life. Growing up in Laguna Beach with a loving family, he was discovered in high school when he appeared on the popular reality TV show, Laguna Nights. Now cast as a doctor on the number one soap opera, his star keeps rising. Finally free from his long-term girlfriend, Scott isn’t looking for love, but when a popular dating app matches him with Jamie Kane, he can’t deny the sparks. But is she really everything she seems?

Jamie Kane isn’t lucky in love or life. Her childhood was tumultuous with a single mom who moved to Hollywood for fame but ended up waiting tables in Malibu. Certainly not one of the spoiled kids she went to high school and college with, Jamie has worked hard to achieve her dreams of being an actress, even as she begins to realize it’s not her calling. Jamie believes Scott may be the answer to everything unless a past mistake makes him doubt their future together.

Once you become a star, can you trust other people’s intentions?

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“Well, then let’s go see your fabulous room.” Even though she sounded brave, even though he’d said the right things, she was shaking as she stood up from the table. Scott slipped his arm around her waist and she felt safe. And hopeful.
They walked up a set of stairs across from the front desk and found themselves on a long outdoor hallway lined with doors. The outdoor hallway overlooked the front entrance of the hotel, and she could hear, but couldn’t see, the cars zipping past on PCH beyond. When they reached his room, Scott pulled Jamie into his arms.
“Jamie. I want to take this slow. I want to do whatever you want to do. As you, and the entire world unfortunately know, I am just out of a long-term relationship. I think you are incredible, smart and sexy. I am interested in you, but I need to warn you. I just can’t promise anything serious right now. The one promise I will make is that I will talk to you, no matter what.”
Jamie appreciated his sincerity. Right then and there she made herself a silent promise that she’d find a way to make him change his mind. To take a chance on her and their relationship.
“I appreciate that, Scott, I really do.” A wave crashed on the other side of the hotel as Scott slipped the key into the door and pushed it open. Jamie’s mind immediately jumped to another time, another hotel room. A year ago. A shudder swept through her. Stop it, she told herself. This isn’t him. This is Scott.
“Are you cold?” Scott asked as he followed her in the door.
“No, I’m fine. Great.” She walked across the room to the full sliding glass doors facing the ocean. The lights of the pier were visible. Standing in front of the glass, Jamie felt like she and Scott were out on a ship out in the middle of the ocean, floating over the crashing waves, nothing in sight. It was just the two of them, together at the edge of the world.
Scott slipped his arms around her waist from behind and pulled her close.
“This is beautiful.”
She felt his lips on her neck, soft kisses sending chills down her spine. She started to lean back, close her eyes and relax into Scott when another, angrier face—Jared’s face—popped into her mind. That night, a year ago, still haunted her.


Laguna Nights (Laguna Beach, Book 1)

Laguna Heights (Laguna Beach, Book 2)

Laguna Lights (Laguna Beach, Book 3)

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Kaira Rouda is a USA Today bestselling, multiple award-winning author of contemporary women's fiction and sexy modern romance novels that sparkle with humor and heart. Her women's fiction titles include HERE, HOME, HOPE, ALL THE DIFFERENCE and IN THE MIRROR. Her bestselling short story is titled, A MOTHER'S DAY. Kaira's work has won the Indie Excellence Award, USA Book Awards, the Reader's Choice Awards and honorable mention in the Writer's Digest International Book Awards. Her books have been widely reviewed and featured in leading magazines. 

Her sexy contemporary romance series set on INDIGO ISLAND includes: WEEKEND WITH THE TYCOON, Book 1; HER FORBIDDEN LOVE, Book 2; THE TROUBLE WITH CHRISTMAS, Book 3; and THE BILLIONAIRE'S BID, Book 4. Each of these novellas can be read as a stand alone, or enjoyed as a series. Her new series is set in LAGUNA BEACH and includes: LAGUNA NIGHTS, Book 1; LAGUNA HEIGHTS, Book 2; and LAGUNALIGHTS, Book 3 coming winter 2015. She also helped launch Melissa Foster's The Remington's Kindle World with her bestselling novella, SPOTLIGHT ON LOVE, and is part of Carly Phillips Dare to Love Kindle World with THE CELEBRITY DARE.

Her nonfiction titles, REAL YOU INCORPORATED: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs, and REAL YOU FOR AUTHORS: 8 Essentials for Women Writers (available for free download on her website) continue to inspire.  

She lives in Southern California with her husband and four almost-grown kids, and is at work on her next novel. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook at Kaira Rouda Books and on her website,


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