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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Series Review: Episode 102, Castle Leoch; Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Rating:  Thumbs up

This continues from the first episode that aired last week.  I noticed that the colors aren't bright but muted - this helps to set the mood.  It also gives the viewer more of a sense that Claire has gone back in time.  We also get to see more of Jamie - which isn't a bad thing.  You will also see the hatred between the English and Scottish.  Claire is under suspicion which isn't surprising since she is English.

This is another episode that it was hard to believe how quickly the time passed by.  You quickly get sucked into the story line and then become disappointed once it's over.  There is some violence and the inference of rape.  You get to see Jamie without his shirt which isn't a bad thing.

The viewer also gets introduced to a character named Geillis Duncan.  She seems to know things about plants like Claire does.  It will be interesting to see if we see more of Geillis.  The teaser that came at the end of this episode leaves me looking forward to next Saturday.  I also hope that once this season is over and I go back and read the book that I won't be disappointed.

Only disappointment I had was that in having to take care of an elderly parent I got pulled away and missed some of tonight's episode.  The good news is that I can either watch it again on Starz or watch it online.  One thing I'm impressed with is that when they speak in their language there is no captioning at the bottom.  Just like Claire, we don't know what they're saying  but in one scene Geillis explains to Claire what is going on.

There's a whole community out there,, that I hope you will check out.  Until next week...

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