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Saturday, May 11, 2013

In Blue Poppy Fields by Ciaran Dwynvil

Part I, Guardian Demon
Publication Date:  March 19, 2013
Pages:  631 KB/339 pages (e-book)
Rating:  4 stars

Jacinto Telmo has passed away and Adhemar Lebeau doesn't know what to do.  Adhemar is a performer and this is not his expertise.  We can all understand his pain.

Sanyi Arany is a fan of Adhemar's.  The authorities come pay a visit to Adhemar.  They have interesting ways to make people talk.  It reminds me of some of the old movies I used to watch.  It also reminds me of some of the bad things that happened in history.  This is part of what we learn about Adhemar.  Society can be cruel but then you will see that things get better.

The reader is given a first hand account of what a strong-willed person sometimes has to endure to survive.  You'll also see what others will do in order to help.  It's also a journey of someone who is changing who he is.

I have to say that one of my favorite characters was Vincent.  He's a caring, compassionate man who also has a lot of patience.  You'll see that he cares a lot about both Sanyi and Adhemar.  He is one that I hope to see again.  I was left wanting to know what becomes of him.

This story does have love between two men but the way that Ciaran created his characters they could be anyone.  Love comes in all different forms and it's also about bringing pleasure to your partner.  Enemas can also be used for a partner's enjoyment.  As a reader, open your mind to the different forms of sex that Ciaran writes about.  It is part of who his characters are.  We should always expand our horizons and one way to do that is through the books we read.  You also tend to forget that the story is paranormal.

The ending surprised me - not telling, you'll have to experience that for yourself.  I was left with my mouth open and wanting to know what happens next.  But then I find out that there's a part two.  If you go to, you can see what books he has written and to keep an eye out for what he has in store for his readers next.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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