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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

KB Worlds Presents: Dicing by Evelyn Montgomery; #CoverReveal, #ComingSoon


Evelyn Montgomery’s Dicing is a steamy, heartfelt, darker, romantic suspense written in K. Bromberg’s Driven Worlds project.

Meet Mae Fitzgerald. Mid-twenties. Irish. Stubborn. Strong. Fiery. Passionate.

Meet Rhett Walker. Southern. Country-boy. Prideful. Cocky. Alpha.

When Mae flees her dark past in Ireland for a new chance at life in Southern California as a race car driver, she is quickly taken back when she finds out she’ll have to prove herself in the small -town circuit first. A girl who loves the flashy lights of the city, she’s even more furious to find out her new life now takes her to the South.

Hopping on a plane and ending up in Central Kentucky, she had planned to win fast and get back home to LA quick. But she never planned on Rhett Walker. Her new Crew Chief. And a man that pushes her boundaries, takes her to her limits and falls just as hard for her stubborn ways as she does for his Southern country-boy lifestyle. 

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