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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cover Reveal: Under the Bed Across the World by Rose Candis

by Rose Candis Expected Pub: September 2013 
Under the Bed Across the World, Rose’s poignant account of her journey from incest and addiction into recovery, is both tragic and humorous. Her account of how her sexually abusive Jewish father divided her loyalty between him, her mother, and herself provides a microcosm for how sexual abuse and addiction destroy the human family. By confronting her past, Rose sheds her loyalty to her abusive relatives and creates her own unique family unit through international adoption. The memoir raises the question: Can contentment be found after departure from the quagmire of toxicity? 

Author Bio: 
Rose Candis, born August 8, 1966, grew up in Bowling Green, Kentucky. At age twenty-three, she began her personal recovery from addiction and childhood incest. Inspired by her own journey, she entered graduate school to become a psychotherapist. Currently in private practice, Rose feels honored to have been able to help individuals and families recover from eating disorders and trauma since 2002. Rose’s articles about healthy eating were published monthly in a local woman’s magazine. She has appeared on several local radio shows as an expert on eating disorders. Her first book *Under the Bed Across the World,* a memoir, takes the reader on a journey from the author’s abuse, into recovery, where she emerges as a adoptive mother of Erica, an orphan from China. Her quest to help her daughter clear up unanswered questions about her past leads her on a journey back to China, the focus of her upcoming book *The Black Pearl. * In a search for Erica’s birth parents, Rose’s research trip to China with Lan Stuy, yields the discovery that her daughter had been bought and sold as an infant, commonly known as trafficked, in the relinquishment process. Rose’s shock that the information she had been given years ago about her daughter’s history were fabricated led this mother to take on a role as truth teller and advocate for transparent adoptions. 
Upon her return, July 2011, Rose was interviewed by NBC News. Her story about her trip and its aftermath was published in *The New York* *Times*, September 2011*, The Atlantic* 2011, and *The Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting*, October 2011. Rose met in Washington DC, May 2012, with The Executive Congressional Commission on China to discuss her findings of trafficking in the Chinese adoption process. Her effort to urge the Commission to expose the information to help children who sought credible information about their origin resulted in a second meeting with the Commission, October 2012. Rose lobbied on Capitol Hill, May 2012 meeting with fifteen Congressional Offices in an attempt to amend the Trafficking Victims Protection Act to include the buying and selling of children for purposes of international Adoption in the definition of child trafficking. Rose enjoys every moment playing with her daughter and watching her do gymnastics. She travels the path of intimacy and blending families with Patrick, her partner of six years. Walking, yoga, church, travel, biking, and meditation bring grounding to her full life. Rose’s love for her daughter, personal healing journey, clinical experience and spiritual guidance are the catalyst for her continued commitment to helping the universe heal one person at a time. 

Author Interview:

 *What are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer?* For me, it has been critical to allow God to be in charge of the timing of the book’s completion. With a private therapy practice, daughter involved in activities, spouse, and exercise and self-care routine, I have needed to be patient with my writing. I have also needed to allocate time for writing sometimes during the wee hours of the night! Have you ever read or seen yourself as a character in a book or movie?* Of course I see actors or read about characters who different parts of me connect with at different parts of my life. Redemption, a memoir about a woman who was abused by her father and Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex in the City who loves fashion and excitement rang a bell. Others too. *What is the single most powerful challenge when it comes to writing a * *memoir?* With the particular subject matter of my first book, not making it boring or a sob story, but an interesting narrative that captures the reader. With the sensitive nature of my subjects about which I write, keeping anonymity has been challenging. I don’t love having to have a pen name but in order to protect myself and others, it has been necessary. *What do you consider your biggest failure?* I don’t like to consider myself as having failures, only opportunities for growth. It has been challenging to work with not allowing my anger to take over, and also to not get too busy. *Your childhood obviously plays a huge part in writing a memoir. How * *difficult did you find revisiting the painful periods of your life?* One of my writing coaches told me that one must wait a period before writing about painful events to have perspective. I had done years of healing in therapy before I began writing Under the Bed Across the World. Still, certain pieces brought up unresolved feelings which provided more opportunities for healing.
Are you jealous of other writers? Not really. I know I am a better therapist than writer and I am ok with that. *Are there any occupational hazards to writing a memoir?* Of course, not using a pen name could open one up for lawsuits. That is why I am using a pen name. *What do you want to be when you grow up?* I feel like I am finally becoming who I have always wanted to be. I do want to do some missions and continue doing the work I am currently involved in.

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