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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sophie's Turn by Nicky Wells

Book 1, Rock Star Romance
Sapphire Star Publishing LLC
ISBN:  97819
Published:  August 08, 2012 (paperback)/September 4, 2012 (e-book)
424 pages (paperback)/580KB
Rating:  4 ½ stars

This story is written in the first person.

Sophie Penhalligan gets a marriage proposal while on a carousel.  But Sophie has a problem, she is already engaged.  But this is the Prologue and we need to go back in time.

Sophie is on her way to a date with Tim Renfrew.  Because she’s in England, Sophie’s traveling on the Tube.  I would love to add this to my bucket list – be an observer and watch the other passengers as we travel on the Tube route.

Nicky reminds us how different men and women are when it comes to remembering dates.  I also can’t figure out what Sophie sees in Tim – well they do say that love is blind.  The more I read the more I mentally yell at her to “dump him, dump him”.  He reminds me a little bit of my older brother – clueless.  Sophie also lets us know who her favorite band is – Tuscq.

Sophie is like a lot of young women, and girls, she has a thing for the lead singer of the group.  If you like to listen to music as you read, you may want to put on some of your favorite music.  Me – I would love to listen to some Michael Buble

Rachel is the perfect friend for Sophie.  I can picture her with these little horns that poke through every once-in-a-while.  She’s also a great person to have around when Sophie needs to bend someone’s ear.  Rachel also has me laughing every so often.  When I go traveling, it would be great to have someone like her along for the trip.

I love how Nicky puts temptation in Sophie’s way – like the apple was tempting to Eve, Dan is tempting to Sophie.  He knows how to go after what he wants.  And having Sophie’s occupation as a journalist is perfect.  What could be more ideal then putting a journalist and a band together.  The only disappointment I had was that there was no audio – I would have loved to listen to some of Tuscq’s music while reading this book.  Maybe someone will develop an ipod/e-reader combination.  In the meantime, I’ll just continue to listen to Michael.

If I ever travel “across the pond”, I’ll plan on taking Sophia’s story with me.  It would be interesting to travel to all the places mentioned in the book.  This way, I would get to experience some of what Sophie got to.  But I may have to find out what band may be traveling in the same vicinity of where Tuscq was playing in the book.  If not – pack lots of CDs.

This was a great book to start this series off with.  The ending was not something I was expecting.  It’s a great lead in to the next book coming out.  I’m looking forward to see what happens to Sophie next in book two titled Sophie’s Run.  We can look forward to it coming out in February of 2013.  You can also check out Nicky’s web site at

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