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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Into the Unknown: Love Never Hurt So Much

This is a novella of six stories by the following authors: J.A. Belfield, Aimee Laine, and Jocelyn Adams. These are to support the debut novel for each of the authors. These novellas definitely peaked my interest. I have questions that I need answered. As I finished each story I kept saying "oh come on, I want to know what happens next". If you are looking for some new authors to read, I would add this book and these authors to your TBR list. Then you will need to add their debuts as well so that the questions we have can be answered. This is what makes a good book, we want more. I give "Into the Unknown..." 4 1/2 stars.

"Marked" by J.A. Belfield

This is written in the first person.
The story starts out with a man/werewolf keeping secrets from his mate. Sean wants to do right by his mate. Jem takes it personal and his explanations don't seem to help. Just like all couples, you keep a secret and it puts a strain on the relationship. Sean's trying to find something special for Jem but Ethan's not helping. He wants something unique for a pledge of commitment. I'm left wanting to know what the future has in store for Sean and Jem.

"Misguided" by Aimee Laine

Wyatt Moreland walks into his office and sees Stuart Vance sitting at his desk. Stuart is bored and tells Wyatt that he envies him for his office. Wyatt's significant other is named Charley. They've been together for sixteen years. They have a person of interest that keeps crossing their paths. He's a shifter (mimic). Charley used to be part of Wyatt's group and wants back in. Aimee adds a twist to the connection between Wyatt and Charley. Does Charley go back to work for Wyatt? Do they make it as a couple?

"Tempted" by Jocelyn Adams

This story is written in the first person.
This is a story of the seelie and unseelie. Lila is having a tryst with Liam. You will see that Liam's feelings are very strong where Lila is concerned. We find out that Lila is the queen of the seelie and Liam is the king of the unseelie. When Lila and Liam connect the heat is almost instantaneous. Around the story of Lila and Liam there is also a mystery going on. The mystery involves the selkie and the unseelie. Our couple is very upset with what is happening to the selkie. We're left wondering if Liam is successful in solving the mystery. Do Lila and Liam find a way to be together?

"Darkness & Light" by J.A. Belfield

This story written in the first person.
Jem hits the snooze button on her alarm and goes back to her dream. She gets up the second time so that she can enjoy breakfast in bed with her husband, Peter. She keeps hearing the name Sean in her head - what a puzzle. She goes to see her BFF, Poppy. They're off to do one of their favorite pastimes - shopping. Peter is always telling Jem how to dress. If you have likes and dislikes in husband material, you'll definitely hate Peter. We're left asking: Who's Sean? What happens to Peter? Does Jem finally get all that she deserves? What happens next in the story?

"Little White Lies" by Aimee Laine

Charley Randall's seen speeding around the mountain terrain because she's trying to meted a deadline. We see that she gets into a situation and wants to shift. She then meets two guys during her speeding trip - Wyatt and Stuart. Charley wants to show Wyatt how much she likes him but James tries to stop her. If you had a chance to morph yourself, what would be your ideal? We are left asking: Where do they go from here? What does Aimee have in store for them next?

"The Glass Man" by Jocelyn Adams

This story is written in the first person.
We see Laura is trying to help a boy names Garret. While helping him she meets Liam Conner. We also see that she needs to stay one step ahead of someone that is following her. Liam, offhandedly, invites her for a meal. We can see that Laura feels responsible for the boy. Jocelyn leaves us wanting to know what happens with Garret. What happens with Laura and Liam?

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