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Friday, August 4, 2017

IndieSage PR Presents: Losing Game by Tracie Delaney; #BlogTour, #NowAvailable, #OutNow, #Giveaway

Losing Game
by Tracie Delaney
Winning Ace #2
Publication Date: July 31, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Serial


Can love overcome betrayal, or are some things broken beyond repair?

Too hurt to look into who might have sent photos of Cash Gallagher kissing another woman, Tally McKenzie flees to a secret hideout in Brighton and tries to forget her lover.
Stubborn to the last, Cash tracks Tally down and wins her back by confessing his darkest secret. Now he can only hope his demons don’t become headline news and threaten his role as the reigning bad boy of centre court
Can Cash and Tally’s deepening relationship survive all the challenges, or is the hot tennis ace about to discover that the prospect of losing his precious career is the least of his woes?
*Please note this novel is written in British English and includes British idioms.

Losing Game is the second novel in the Winning Ace series. To have the best reading experience, the books are best read in order.




“Thanks, Isaac,” Cash said, ushering Natalia ahead of him. “Miss McKenzie’s place, please.”
She glanced over her shoulder and frowned but said nothing. Only when the car began moving did she turn to face him. “You’re taking me home?”
“Yes. You’re tired.”
“I’m not too tired if you want to go for a drink somewhere.”
Cash shook his head. “It’s been a long day. Get some sleep. We’ll be seeing each other tomorrow.” He broke into a grin as he remembered Rupe was coming home.
She tilted her head to one side. “What’s that mischievous grin for?”
Cash tapped the side of his nose. “You’ll have to wait and see.”
Ten minutes later, Isaac pulled up outside Natalia’s apartment building. Cash walked her to the front door and drew her into his arms. He was almost scared to kiss her. He worried that he wouldn’t know how to leave it there—that his need for her would overwhelm all his good intentions, and he’d end up going too far when she wanted to take it slow. But there she was, her beautiful face turned up to his, her amazing midnight-blue eyes reading his soul, and her soft, full lips parted ever so slightly. Those lips begged to be kissed.
As his stomach tightened, he buried his hands in her hair and lowered his head. He paused a millimetre from her mouth, desperately wanting to savour the moment. The brief kisses they’d shared in Brighton had been full of worry and regret. This one felt different. Was different.
He stifled a moan as their mouths met, desire spreading out from his chest, the tips of his fingers prickling. But instead of feeling satisfied, he wanted more. Much more. He leaned into her, pinning her to the door. He moved his hips in a circular motion, and when she returned the pressure, he lost all reason.
His hand crept underneath her skirt and inched over the smooth skin of her thigh before moving higher. He cupped her fabulously tight backside, the silk of her underwear a prequel to what he knew to be the softness beneath. Slipping his hand inside her knickers, he tentatively touched her wet sex. He groaned as he slid one finger inside her, his erection lengthening as she tilted her pelvis upwards and began to move back and forth against his hand.
Oh, fuck. He was going to lose it.
Using every ounce of self-control, he tore himself away. The pounding of his heart caused a roaring rush in his ears, like the fast running water of a stream after a week of torrential rain.
“I’m sorry,” he said, smoothing her skirt into place.
“What for?” Natalia’s chest rose and fell, her face a mixture of confusion and frustration.
He could empathise with the latter, but he’d agreed to take it slow. Yet there he was on their first date since making up, almost fucking her outside her front door. He wasn’t sixteen, for Christ’s sake.
Cash leaned forward and kissed her quickly on the cheek. “Goodnight, babe.” He strode as fast as he could to his waiting car.
He didn’t look back.


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When the opportunity arises for journalist Tally McKenzie to meet tennis ace Cash Gallagher, she grabs it without hesitation. Desperate for a killer story to advance her career, she’ll have to betray her idol and her own morals into the bargain if she is to succeed.
Renowned bad boy Cash wants one thing; to remain at the top of his game. He’s fought hard to get there, and he’s not about to lose his crown, especially over a woman.
When Cash divulges personal information, Tally seizes her chance and writes an explosive article. Incensed, Cash sets out to get his revenge. Except the darling of centre court gets more than he bargained for—a passionate affair with a woman he should detest.
But Cash is a man with secrets—secrets that could destroy his career. Dare he take the risk? Or is the cost too great, even for his perfect match.



Tracie Delaney is the author of the Winning Ace trilogy. She loves nothing more than immersing herself in a good romance, although she sometimes, rather cheekily, makes her characters wait for their HEA.
When she isn’t writing or sitting around with her head stuck in a book, she can often be found watching The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones or any tennis match involving Roger Federer. Her greatest fear is running out of coffee.
Tracie studied accountancy, gaining her qualification in 2001. Her maths teacher would no doubt be stunned by this revelation considering Tracie could barely add two plus two at high school.
Tracie lives in the North West of England with her amazingly supportive husband. They both share a love of dogs, travel and wine.


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