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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Audio bookworm Presents: Corralling Callie by Amelia Smarts; #Audiobook, #BlogTour, #OutNow, #Review

Author: Amelia Smarts
Narrator: Gideon Welles
Length: 3 hours 45 minutes
Publisher: Amelia Smarts⎮2017
Genre: Western Romance
Rating:  4.5 Stars

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Amelia Smarts. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

For eighteen-year-old orphan Callie Broderick, going west as a mail-order bride seems to be the only hope she has for a decent husband. But when she sets out for the gold-mining town of Sacramento with nothing more than the clothes on her back and a stagecoach ticket, she quickly discovers that the trip will be quite a bit different than she expected.

As a former soldier and an experienced coachman, Jude Johnson is used to difficulties and dangers of all kinds during the arduous journey west, but he has never had to deal with trouble like Callie before. Not being the kind of man to kick a penniless orphan off his coach, he puts up with the sassy, disobedient girl for as long as he can, but when Callie’s antics put the lives of his passengers at risk Jude is forced to take matters into his own hands and spank her soundly.

The stern punishment leaves her thoroughly chastened and promising to behave, and Jude soon realizes that when she puts aside her foul-mouthed, defiant fa├žade, the real Callie is as sweet and kind as she is beautiful. As the days pass, he takes it upon himself to guide her, care for her, and give her the loving discipline she so desperately needs, as often as she needs it. But when they reach their destination, will he be able to give her up?

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Would you consider the audio edition of Corralling Callie to be better than the print version? 

Since I haven't read the book, I cannot answer that question. But I can tell you that it was a surprise and I would listen to it again. I would even purchase the book.

What other book might you compare Corralling Callie to and why?

For me it would be hard to compare an audible book unless I listened to one exactly like it. I would also then have to decide if I liked it just as much as the other book. And then there's the opposite side of the coin - did I like it less. Maybe it's a case of if I liked this author more than the other author. Or maybe I liked this author less. I would not disrespect either author that way.

Which character – as performed by Gideon Welles – was your favorite?

I would have to say Jude Johnson. Mr. Welles does a great job of bringing his character to life. I wasn't sure in the beginning if I would enjoy having him read to me but it wasn't long before I changed my mind. I wouldn't have been able to envision what Jude was like without Gideon's voice to put pictures in my mind.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?

One thing that may be off-putting to some is how Jude handles Callie at times. Is he treating her like a child? Is he trying to teach her a lesson? Or is it an adult male showing an adult female what they can enjoy together than just straight vanilla sex. I think you have to have an open mind and get past that he is not abusing her in any way. And living the type of life he has led, he's not had a woman like her in his life before.

Any additional comments?

I loved how this author took me on an adventure back into the old west. It's a story that made my trips in the car much more enjoyable. And it had me wishing I was in a stage coach with horses in front of me instead of under the hood. I'm glad that no one asked what I was listening to because there are certain scenes I wouldn't want to explain. Not because I didn't enjoy the story but you just never know how the other person will handle the explanation. Our author does a great job of creating a character that I truly hated - one nice word, bully. Would I recommend this author? Without a doubt, yes. Would I listen to this author's work again? Without a doubt, yes. Would I read a book of hers? Yes.

Amelia Smarts is a #1 Amazon bestselling author who was named Best New Spanking Romance Author in the 2016 Spanking Romance Reviews Reader’s Poll. She writes kinky romance novels containing domestic discipline, spanking, and Dominance/submission. Usually her stories involve a cowboy, and they always involve a man’s firm hand connecting with a woman’s naughty backside. She believes it’s important to tell a good story in addition to portraying hot sex and discipline scenes. For each book, she endeavors to write complex, flawed heroes and heroines who struggle, but eventually succeed, in their journey to love and happiness. A longtime lover of the written word, Amelia holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in creative writing and English. She loves to read, which allows her writing to be influenced by many different genres in addition to romance, including mystery, adventure, history, and suspense.

Gideon Welles is a man of many talents. He has a Bachelor's in Liberal Studies from Norwich University, an MBA in global technology management from American University, and engaged in Pre-Doctoral studies in Strategic Leadership at Cornell University. In addition to the voice acting, Gideon has professional experience as a real estate investor, as well as a stage and film actor. His personal interests include music, photography, fast cars, and travel.


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#Review: The Master Of Blackmoor by Julie Shelton; #NowAvailable, #OutNow, #Live

Title: Master of Blackmoor
Author: Julie Shelton
Publisher: Amazon Kindle Direct
Genre: Erotic Gothic Regency Romance
Sub-Genre: BDSM (Light), MF
Release Date: May 23, 2017
Number of Pages: 466
Rating:  4.5 Stars

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received this book for review from the author.  I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review.  The opinions I have expressed are my own.  I am posting this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255:  "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising". 


Danielle Dulac has just been sacked after spurning her employer’s lecherous advances. Penniless and without references, she is desperate to acquire the position of governess at Esterly House on the bleak Yorkshire moors. When the mail coach slides into a ditch in the middle of a blizzard, she is forced to seek shelter at the nearest house, Blackmoor Hall.
But visitors are not welcome at Blackmoor Hall and she gets sent to the stables to shelter from the storm. She is jerked out of sound slumber by a snow-blasted horse bursting into the stall, practically trampling her beneath his slashing hooves.
Anthony Markham, the Duke of Blackmoor, has just returned home after six months of dissolute living in London. He is surly, sarcastic, enigmatic, and hostile. And the most sensuous man Danielle has ever met. The attraction between them is instantaneous, combustible…and forbidden. Though a descendant of French nobility, Danielle is still a mere governess and Anthony Markham is a Duke.
When the position at Esterly House falls through, she has nowhere to go and faces a bleak future. To her shock, it’s Anthony Markham who comes to her rescue, offering her a position as governess to his four-year-old son, Geoffrey. Against her better judgment, she accepts.
She soon discovers that the Master of Blackmoor is haunted by a dark and tragic past filled with lies, betrayal and death. Unfortunately, the past is not over. Evil stalks Blackmoor Hall. The danger is escalating and all the clues point to the Duke himself.
As the passion between Anthony and Danielle rages out of control, so does the peril they face. Will they solve this mystery in time? Or will it wind up destroying them both?

My Thoughts:

Danielle Dulac is in something of a predicament.  One thing I liked about Danielle was that despite the time she lives in, she was able to think on her feet.  But the author shows how vulnerable women were during that time in history.  And how much we had to rely on men because of how we were seen because of our gender.  Loved the fact that she doesn’t think anything about speaking her mind and talking back – sticks up for herself.  She also goes against convention and is sexy in her own way and isn’t afraid of her sexuality – a little timid maybe but not afraid.

Anthony Markham has no idea what he’s in for.  As we get to know him one feeling that comes to mind is sad another is brooding and lastly dark.  You’re able to see how he’s fighting a demon that creates tension between him and Danielle.  You have to wonder if fate has something in store for him.  Will his soul open up to the changes that are going to occur in his life.  His character seems to get lighter once he starts to interact with Danielle.

This book reminded me of what I love about historical romances.  It also made me think of the 1983 Jane Eyre mini-series.  That was when I fell in love with Edward Rochester and the actor Timothy Dalton.  What made me sad was that I couldn’t think in an accent – all characters sound American.  Maybe I’ll have to go out to YouTube and watch some of the 1983 episodes.  Or one better would be to cross the pond, take this book with me, and have my own adventure – and that’s not a bad thing.

The author shows great creativity when she created Lady Esterly.  She’s a character best experienced.  She was definitely unique.  Ms. Shelton also creates a mystery that will have you turning pages so along with Danielle maybe you can figure out what’s going on.  Then we have a character that will steal your heart.  One thing that always catches my heart is children and animals.

This story is long, over 400 pages, but I didn’t mind that.  It’s that time of year when you want to slow down; enjoy the summer, and vacations.  The story had me slow down, sit back, and enjoy the scenes that this author has created.  By thinking of this book as a mini-series of its own helps in finding the perfect place to stop.  This is one of those books that I would happily read more than once.  And this is an author that I look forward to reading more of her work.


They stood there for a long time, holding each other without speaking. Until, finally, Anthony loosened his arms, and looked down at her, one eyebrow raised. “Edward is running a tub full of hot water. I’ve been riding all over the estate today. Mustn’t greet my guests smelling like horse sweat.”
“I thought that was part of your charm.” She smiled.
“Would you care to join me?” He gave her a wicked grin. “You could wash my back…and other parts, if you are so inclined.”
She frowned. “Is that one of the activities on the official Duchess Duty List? I don’t recall seeing it.”
“I believe it’s number four.”
“Oh?” She let him turn her and guide her into their bedroom. He stepped up behind her and began unhooking her gown, bending his head to nuzzle his mouth against her ear, nibbling, kissing, licking, making her squirm with breathless delight. “I’m curious,” she managed to squeak when she could catch her breath. “What’s number one?”
He moved around to kiss the back of her neck, making her shiver. “I think you already know the answer to that one,” he said, his breath stirring the fine hairs at her nape as her dress and petticoats pooled at her feet. “But I’ll give you a hint.” Her corset and chemise quickly joined the rest of her garments and he lifted her over them and turned her to face him. She reached for his breeches and began sliding the buttons through the buttonholes, the backs of her fingers brushing against the hard ridge of his erection. “It begins with an F.”
“Oh. An F, you say. Fishing?” she teased. “I must confess I know nothing about handling a rod and reel.”
“Oh, I don’t know. You seem able to handle my rod well enough. And, no, it’s not Fishing.”
She tilted her head and batted her eyelashes. “Flirting?”
“No, although you do it very well.”
“Oh, please tell me it’s not Fencing,” she said, pretending to give a delicate little shudder. “Such violence.”
His lips quirked. “I think you can safely eliminate Fencing.”
“Well, then.” She closed her hand around the base of his cock and pulled upward, wrenching a groan from his throat. “There’s only one thing it can be.” Slowly, gracefully, she sank to her knees in front of him and placed her lips to the ruddy, mottled head of his erect manhood, digging the tip of her tongue into the slit, making him groan and arch his back.
“Say it, wife. I want to hear that word coming from your lips. That decidedly nasty, exquisitely delicious word.”
“Fucking.” In one swift movement, she lowered her head while simultaneously sucking, a move that had him uttering a sharp cry of pleasure as his hips jerked forward, driving himself deep into her mouth. Twisting her hand around the base of his cock, she began bobbing her head up and down on his rod, making him suck in a hissing breath.
Placing both hands on her head, he gripped her hair, stilling her movements. Then, holding her head in place, he took control. Flexing his hips, he began fucking her mouth, slowly at first, gradually increasing speed until he could feel his cum boiling up out of his balls, ready to explode. He would have pulled out then and finished himself off with his hand, coming all over her face. But she tightened her grip around his base, giving him no choice but to release his load down her throat. He cried out as jet after jet of hot cum burst from him, splatting against the back of her throat.
She kept him in her mouth, sucking and licking and simply holding him there until he softened. Then she released him with a smacking sound and looked up at him. Bending, he placed his hands under her elbows and lifted her up off her knees.
“Thank you, my love. You have honored me by swallowing my seed. As much as I would love to return the favor, I fear we don’t have enough time right now.” He shoved down his breeches and stockings, then pulled his shirt over his head. “But believe me, dear wife,” he murmured, indicating that she was to precede him into the bathroom. “I will more than make up for it tonight.”
“See that you do,” she said with an imperious flick of her fingers as she sailed past him, making him laugh. “I would hate to be a widow after only one day of being a wife.”
Shaking his head, he followed close behind her, murmuring ruefully, “’T would seem I have created a monster.”



“OMG!! I stayed late last night reading it because I couldn't put it down. I'm not normally a historical person but this was awesome!!! Thank you for letting me read it!!!     5 Stars!”
“This is hands down one of the BEST books I've read this year!”
“Julie Shelton has brought the Regency era to life with this intense scintillating story of a governess Danielle Dulac and the Master of Blackmoor Lord Anthony. A man living under a curse, a curse that has already cost him the lives of those he loved. His tortured soul has been lingering, waiting for the curse to finish him off. Until the day he meets Danielle Dulac A woman lost in a blizzard looking for refuge. When he first meets her he's cold, as cold as the storm raging outside. But when he really sees her, seeing the inner person his soul starts to yearn, wanting to consume her. But she is not safe with him. The curse will take her from he must send her away...
A story full of the richest detail, complex characters that are as real as the people in your life. Her story is full of suspense, intrigue, gypsy curses, and Lords and Ladies. Her world is so captivating you will be saddened when it ends.
This tale has the drama, adventure, intrigue, and enough hot steamy sex to satisfy the romantic in everyone. A must read to all looking for a wonderful escape and an HEA to melt even the coldest heart!”


From fairies in the garden at age 9 to handcuffs in the boudoir at age 60, Julie’s writing has run the gamut. In between she managed to graduate cum laude with a B.A. in French from Georgia State University followed by a Master’s Degree in Library Science from Emory University. Having thus procured these two necessary but ultimately irrelevant pieces of paper, she launched a successful career as a children’s librarian, followed by an even more successful career as a professional storyteller and puppeteer. She published Kidstuff, an award-winning, monthly newsletter, as well as a book, Puppets, Poems and Songs, both major language arts resource for early childhood educators.
At various points in her life, if asked what she would like to be, her answer would have been (in rough chronological order, since some of these lofty ambitions overlapped): a fairy, a princess, a ballerina, Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames, a paleontologist, Scarlett O’Hara, thin and beautiful, an actress, and a writer. Now, at age 73, her answer to that question would most likely be, “younger”.
Followed closely, of course by bestselling author. Oh, and a princess. Some dreams die hard.
Now retired, Julie lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.


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Monday, May 22, 2017

Once Upon An Alpha Presents: Shameless by @MinxMalone & @NanaMalone; #ReleaseBlitz, #NowAvailable, #Live, #OutNow

I am the thing that goes bump in the night. I am a liar, a protector...a killer...I am Noah Blake.
There is only one light in my darkness, one bright ray in the storm of my life. Lucia DeMarco. And I’ll do anything for her. Anything except show her who I really assassin. Well, former assassin. I don’t really do that anymore...usually.
It would be easier if she didn’t call me names. Asshole, control freak…shameless. It would also be easier if she didn’t look at me with those trusting gray eyes. If I didn’t dream about the perfect curve of her — never mind all that. The point is she’s digging into my world, my secrets, and it’s going to get her killed.
But first, we have another more immediate concern. Lucia is going on a date—With someone else...


M. Malone

NYT & USA Today Bestselling author M. Malone lives in the Washington, DC metro area with her three favorite guys, her husband and their two sons. She holds a Master's degree in Business from a prestigious college that would no doubt be scandalized at how she's using her expensive education.
Independently published, she has sold more than 1/2 million ebooks in her two series THE ALEXANDERS and BLUE-COLLAR BILLIONAIRES. Since starting her indie journey in 2011 with the runaway bestselling novella "Teasing Trent", her work has appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than a dozen times.
She's now a full-time writer and spends 99.8% of her time in her pajamas.

Nana Malone

USA Today Best Seller, Nana Malone's love of all things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense she "borrowed" from her cousin.
It was a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana, and Nana was a precocious thirteen. She's been in love with kick butt heroines ever since. With her overactive imagination, and channeling her inner Buffy, it was only a matter a time before she started creating her own characters.
While she waits for her chance at a job as a ninja assassin, in the meantime Nana works out her drama, passion and sass with fictional characters every bit as sassy and kick butt as she thinks she is.

M. Malone

Nana Malone