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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Give Me Books Presents: Wicked Bride Games by Clarissa Wild; #ReleaseBlitz, #NowAvailable, #Live, #Review, #Giveaway

Title: Wicked Bride Games
Series: Indecent Games #1
Author: Clarissa Wild
Genre: Dark Erotic Suspense
Release Date: January 10, 2017
Rating:  4 Stars
Told in the first person.

Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received this book for review from Give Me Books and the author.  I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review.  The opinions I have expressed are my own.  I am posting this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255:  "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising".

WARNING: contains explicit situations, graphic violence, and other disturbing content some readers may find offensive.


Fifty million dollars for three weeks of your life in the hands of a total stranger. Would you do it?

When Naomi Lee finds herself out of a job and out of the money she needs to pay her father’s medical bills, she receives an anonymous letter, containing an offer she can’t refuse. 

Max Marino, a wealthy businessman, wants her and he’ll pay any price.

Three weeks of her time, no holds-barred, in exchange for fifty million dollars.

With no other means to pay her bills, Naomi has no choice but to accept. 

However, Naomi isn’t the only one who signs the contract.

And Max isn’t alone in his deal. 

Three brothers …

Nine girls …

All competing for the ultimate prize … marriage. 

Let the games begin. 

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My Thoughts:

Naomi Lee has a life-changing event occur. I can empathize with her since I take care of an elderly parent. But I’m in something of a quandary - I wonder if I would be able to solve my problems in the same way. Max Marino has an agenda and he thinks he knows who’s going to help him accomplish it.

A lot of authors include a playlist but this author goes one step further. She does give you that list but she also lets you know which song to play as you read each chapter. Ms. Wild also breaks her story down into parts. This helped me figure out the best place to stop. But I will say that part two is a tough read.

One thing that irked me was how the men treated the women. It reminds me of the Bachelor – which is a show I can’t stand by the way. What kept me going was that I wanted to see how Naomi handles the challenges ahead of her. Some of you may feel that this tale degrades women – but this goes to show the character of these men. They seem to have no respect for us. If they did, the women wouldn’t get treated as they did within these pages. My problem with part two was that I kept thinking logically.

I would have asked lots of questions and done an internet search. Money became the important factor that the women didn’t even question what the contract meant. It’s sad too – what Naomi’s willing to do in order to finish this “game” on top. But it also had me wishing that there actually weren’t three jerks out there planning something similar.

If you don’t like stories that are dark, don’t like violence against women, and highly erotic than you might want to pass on this. It’s a book that’s just shy of being illegal but it takes a very creative mind to come up with a story like this. And that was one reason that I kept on reading. I wanted to know what else this author could come up with. If you’re a fan of FSOG – that series is tame compared to what Ms. Wild has created. The ending may seem a little strange but when you think about the story as a whole it really isn’t.


Her hands are trying to grasp me to roll me over again and get her on top, but I’m not letting her get close. Instead, I pin her to the floor and fuck her even harder. She opens her legs even farther and moans when I take her nipple between my teeth and tug.

I know she likes what I do … but she can’t help always trying to be at the top.

It’s what we do.

Who we are.




And in each other, we’ve found our match.

Her hand reaches between her legs, and she furiously starts masturbating as I fuck her pussy raw. She’s so tight and wet that I lose control, and I close my eyes for just a second to enjoy the sensations.

Only to find me rolling around again and having her end up on top of me. She slams me down on the floor and holds my hand down harder as she swivels around on my cock. She brings her blood-soaked finger to my mouth and makes me suck on it. One of my hands is free, and I use it to flick her clit, making her moan out loud.

A few seconds later, her eyes roll into the back of her head, and I can feel her muscles tighten all around me. Wetness coats my cock, and I come undone.

Howling, I come inside her, my seed pulsing deep into her pussy, just like it should.

She holds my hand in place over her clit, as if to signify that it belongs there. That she’s not only mine, but that I’m also hers.

Breathing heavily, she slowly falls down on top of me, my cock still inside her. She rests her head on my chest, and I listen to her breaths as she listens to my heart. I pet her hair, which is still slick from blood and sweat, and I wonder if this is the best sex I’ve had in my entire life.

“Is it over now?” she mutters suddenly.

I smile as she lifts her head with a curious look on her face. “Yes, it is … and you won.”

Coming Soon:

#2 Dirty Wife Games: Hyun’s Story

Releases February 28, 2017




Author Bio:

Clarissa Wild is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author, best known for the dark Romance novel Mr. X. Her novels include the Fierce Series, the Delirious Series, Stalker Duology, Twenty-One (21), Ultimate Sin, VIKTOR, and Bad Teacher. She is also a writer of erotic romance such as the Blissful Series, The Billionaire's Bet series, and the Enflamed Series. She is an avid reader and writer of sexy stories about hot men and feisty women. Her other loves include her furry cat friend and learning about different cultures. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, reading tons of books and cooking her favorite meals.

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