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Thursday, February 4, 2016

DRC Promotions Presents: Helpless by AJ Adams; #ReleaseDayBiltz, #Excerpt & #Review

Helpless by AJ Adams
First in the Belial Disciples MC series
Price $3.99
128,000 words
A self-standing complete novel
Rating:  3.5 Stars
Told in the first person.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book for review from DRC Promotions and the
author. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am posting this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising".
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Fracas Macintyre has been in and out of trouble all her life but this time it’s worse than ever. In debt to a loan shark, she’s caught up in a war between the Alistairs, nicknamed The Irish Mob, and Belial’s Disciples, England’s nastiest MC. Kidnapped and at the mercy of Caden Winslow, Fracas is convinced that life is going to get very nasty indeed.
Caden Winslow is an ex soldier used to taking care of business. When an Alistair henchman steals his beloved Busa, he simply takes one of theirs hostage and expects a simple trade will solve the problem. However, Caden is about to be pulled into a war.
Note: Helpless is a dark romance and there’s lots of violence, but it’s also a love story. It’s not a “lock her up and rape her till she loves him” plot so if you’re not sure, give it a go.

My Thoughts:

Caden has an interesting way of dealing with people.  Fracas Macintyre can’t seem to catch a break.  She shows how assumptions can hurt you.  The beginning is both sad and violent.  Some of that violence can be both physical as well as mental.  It’s this beginning that may show that this story is not for everyone.  And if it is difficult to read, it must have been difficult to write.

There are some men out there that feel that women are on this earth for their pleasure and this book reminds the reader of that.  The author does a great job in showing how Fracas is treated just because of how she grew up.  But she had to do what she had to do in order to survive.  To be honest this upset me but the worst part is that I’m sure that somewhere in the world there are women who are being treated as she was.  But her attitude at times confused me.  She says one thing but then her actions say something else.

It’s a story that shows how you can never get away from your past and it seems to follow you everywhere.  And the past is a big part of both our main character’s lives.  For some, it may be a past that they don’t want to dwell on.

Our main characters keep thinking of the past, which at times can seem to be a little confusing for the reader.  This going back and forth is one reason that the book is so long.  One reason I seem to be confused was that my brain was on one track, the scene changed and then I’m wondering what I missed.  Having to go back and reread a scene can change your reading experience.

If you are easily distracted you may want to consider when you want to read this.  Being a story that’s almost 400 pages, it’s not one you want to try and read in one sitting.  You may find yourself using that as an excuse for not wanting to finish the book.  Even though there was a happy ending, I had a hard time feeling it but that could just be because how I felt from the beginning.  But I’m not ready to give up on the author after all this was only the first book of the series.  I would like to see how she handles the second story.
I opened the boot, and at the sight of the girl, Crush began grinning. “Hey, is that for me, too?”
“You can go fuck yourself!” The little tart blew up instantly. “You evil bastard, let me go!”
“Whoo! I like her!”
Crush is a man who enjoys performing to the stereotypical outlaw biker image. This time I could see he meant it, and so did the girl. She opened her mouth, spotted Crush’s cut and went very quiet.
“You can’t have her. She’s my collateral.” I pulled her towards me, snapped through her ankle ties with the box cutter and threw her over my shoulder. She muttered furiously, but she’d stopped fighting. I could feel her raise her head and look over the crowd of gathering Disciples. She shivered and went limp. I guess she didn’t like the look of the party.
Crush was still curious. “Collateral for what?”
“Alistair’s man took my Busa.”

“You’re shitting me!”
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AJ Adams is a Scottish-Dutch author currently living in Malaysia. In her regular life she is a columnist and feature writer. She works from home, where she is closely snoopervised by cats, Target and Guido.
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