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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Legend of Michael by Lisa Renee Jones

This is the first book of the "Zodius" series.
Cassandra Powell comes to work for her father and to evaluate some of the soldiers at the military facility.  Not two minutes after literally bumping into one of the soldiers he's hitting on her.  His name is Michael Taylor.  She then goes to meet her assistant Kelly who tells her something interesting about the GTEC soldiers that she will be working with.  I love how Kelly tells Cassandra how to have protected sex - ok Mom!
Cassandra's father seems to be one of the evil forces in this story.  He's done some experiments on the soldiers that Cassandra must now see what the effects are.  He seems to think that he can play God and not be held accountable.  But there is someone who is much more evil than he is.
Michael goes on a mission with two brothers, Adam and Caleb.  Adam shows us how the experiment can take a turn for the worse.  What's even worse is that there is a woman, his wife, who's as evil as he is.  Lisa paints Adam as a very dark sadistic man.  He gets pleasure from other people's pain.  Lisa doesn't make it too graphic but just enough so the reader will understand the type of evil man he is.
Lisa takes the reader on a very suspenseful ride.  From one chapter to the next we don't know what's going to happen to Cassandra and Michael.  But we have to keep reading so that we can find out.  You have to love a hero that in the midst of a war going on, he has time to make love to his lifebond.
Cassandra's father isn't happy on how his soldiers have turned out, now he wants to create a super soldier.  This is one more reason to keep reading.  Was this latest experiment a success?   And how does Michael's mother fit into all this?  Lisa gives us a glimpse into a world where if you fool with Mother Nature, you will suffer the consequences.
I love how Lisa has given Cassandra a strong personality.  She either fights by Michael's side or she'll just go out on her own.  They also love each other - no matter what.  This is the type of love we all long for.
The story ends with us wondering whether good was able to defeat evil.  Who will prevail?  You will have to keep reading the series to find out the answer to this question.  I definitely recommend reading this series.
I give this book 4 stars.

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